New monster in MC2.0 or.... ?!!?

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  1. Hi gang!

    So the other day I was playing on my computer and working on some projects when all of a sudden I ran into this baby here... Looks pretty scary if you ask me, and not just that: it's also pretty roundish instead of our beloved square environment.

    Is this even suitable for children? :eek:

    Has Microsoft finally lost it or is something else going on?

    The first to tell us what is happening here shall win a diamond block :)

    And of course I will reveal more over time; all shall be revealed. ... eventually :)


    When going over the picture again it almost looks like a decent copy/paste action, but trust me that this is not the case. Here's another one; now it actually starts to drink water (or is it trying to eat some fish?)

    Scary stuff! :eek:
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  2. Its either a mod or a texture pack :p
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  3. I take that it's an animation (as in a animated still) as the Minecraft terrain looks, well, not Minecraft. It all looks to dark and flat to be minecraft.
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  4. photo shoped
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  5. Detective Time :D

    1. ShelLuser never actually said he was playing Minecraft.
    2. He titled the thread 2.0 which On April 1, 2013, Mojang released a hoax announcement
    3. This very well could be a mod pack...for another game!

    Best guess....Minecraft-themed style for XenForo
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  6. That my friend is the Ender Dragons long lost son. After a player separated the Ender Dragon from its child, the little Dragon became a Water beast and is currently seeking revenge after what the player did to him. That player is know as ShelLuser. THE END
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  7. Well, time to reveal a small bit of the puzzle. It is not a photoshopped or heavily modified image. So I haven't used Gimp or Photoshop or any of those. And Toto is actually the closest to the solution so I'm declaring him the winner for now ;) Padde wins a runners up prize and I'll reveal more soon enough ;)
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  9. Looks like a modpack.
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  10. "Goes to the podium to collect my prize, Waves to the crowd whose cheering on me"
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  11. Wait is this a minecraft animation you are working on. Or is it a minecraft song ?
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  12. Well, in the mean time I send out some prizes to the people who were closest to the solution and the article which shall reveal all has also been posted ;)

    In this blogpost all shall be revealed ;)

    What I basically did was export a part of my Minecraft world and import it into a 3D modeller. Then I added the monster and the result can be seen above. For more info on all this see link ;)
  13. A few things:
    1. Microsoft owns Mojang. Mojang develops Minecraft. Microsoft has no say in what gets developed.
    2. Everything in Minecraft is voxel based. They're not going to just randomly throw in a detailed monster like that.
    3. It's most likely just an animated thing, as stated above. Minecraft by default would never look that sloppy, and it actually looks like a screenshot from a free animating program in this picture.
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  14. You must be fun at parties. :p
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