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  1. Alright so quite a few of you already know of my plans and starting of my smp3 display.
    It was started about a week ago but hasnt came along too fast as finals are going on and im focusing on that before the build. I also have had plans for a pretty good sized build in the frontier but that will come after my display. the whole reason of this post is to ask you the people of EMC what you think would be cool in the frontier build or as i like to call it an empire. i have some plans but would like to allow you the opportunity to give some feedback and suggestions/pictures of what would be cool to build out there. below is an example of pictures you can send me to show me what would be cool.

    The below image i have provided is one thing that i will be building as part of the empire i will be building. eventually i would like it to be a place that other players can go out and live/explore not just something for me to take pictures of and post on a thread.

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  2. very depressing jk XD started thread earlier and was already buried by other threads ;p
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