New Contribution Team Members!

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  1. Today we welcome FOUR FIVE SIX EIGHT brave new souls to the Contribution Team!

    These players will work with our staff to ensure that the wiki is kept up-to-date and intriguing posts are made on the Empire Blog.

    Congrats Everyone!

    Remember: If you think that you will make a good member of our Contribution Team, go apply here:
  2. Congratulations to the new members!
  3. Congrats Guys!!!!!
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  4. Grats guys always good to see the wiki updated :)
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  5. Congrats and Welcome to the team guys! :)
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  6. Congratz! Aren't you all lookin snazzy in your suit and tie.:p
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  7. Lmao...just realized that all 4 have on suits... ;)
  8. I thought that was intentional...
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  9. you need a suit do get the job?
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  10. Nope. I used their current skins.
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  11. Congrats :) I'm sure you will all do well
  12. Congratulations! :)
  13. ultimamaxx (ultima maxx) not ultimammaxx :)
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  14. shush you....going to fix now =P
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  15. Congratz Guys :D
  16. Congratulations to the new Contribution Team members! :)
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  17. Fun Fact: they are all wearing suits
    #2: all but 1 is an animal
  18. Their skins are so cute together.
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  19. I don't think I can just ignore the fact that a selected group of 4 people among a bunch of others all have black suits on, AND THEN, are in a symmetrical order based on the color of the tie (blue, red, red, blue). Mind = blown.
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