New Ad?

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  1. Is this something I shouldn't click because it is an actual ad? Or is it just something that shows up every so often only on this site.
  2. I think it's us hehe
  3. I saw that ad just now and then saw this thread. It's like it was meant to be.
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  4. It's something I just added. Figured why send ALL of our ad traffic away, send some to our selves :)
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  5. Confirmed that it belongs to us.
  6. going to add emc logo to it to make it more assuring
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  7. I'm thinking that the majority of EMC players have already considered becoming a supporter, and those who aren't have reason. A corner ad isn't going to be too influential, especially considering most new players would not support, as with visitors.
  8. But is it just on empire's site or will clicks cost money?
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  9. If you click it, it brings you to the Supporter PAge.
  10. Clicks do not cost, and only EMC site.
    Marketing disagrees :) Keep the idea fresh in mind, and also many new players (who by the way do support) might not ever end up on the upgrade page, this can help catch the eye to see perks labeled.
  11. So you get money when we click on ads? Couldn't you set up a bot to do that? Lol

  12. You do not get money for clicking on an add for your own site. Also, this is the great EMC, we do not want to do anything illegal.
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