Nether Spleef Contest!

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Do you think we should have a spleef contest every month?

Yes! That would be Awsome! 18 vote(s) 100.0%
No, this is no good idea at all. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi:)
    I think we should have a nether spleef contest one time every month:)
    And if you win you get some rupees or some items:D
    And a sign at "EMC Nether Spleef Area" and it says "Best Spleefer of the month", and then the name:)
    I think this is a great idea, do you?
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  2. Sounds great to me, the only thing which might cause difficulties it the difference in time zones between all the players. For example when myself and other Aussies are on, it is usually midnight and later in the US. It would take some working out but I may be possible. :)
  3. But the contest can be on different times:)
    10 groups of players on the chosen time, and then some hours later 10 groups of players more.
    So the contest can be on the whole day:)
  4. It might take 2 or 3 days to work out an eventual winner, but it could be done. The Nether Spleef is Dark_Liz's baby, she should be the one to take the reigns on this one. :)
  5. Yeah!
  6. I may organize and run a tournament at some point, or one of the other staff might decide to organize one if they're inclined to. At this point, I make no promises... but it's something that will likely happen at some point. :)

    Regular tournaments would be very cool, but again, we'll see.

    That said, anyone who wishes to run a tournament is welcome to do so. The Nether Spleef Arena is a public building for any and all Empire citizens to use. So if you have the time, energy, and drive to run such a tournament yourself, by all means, go for it! Players who run thier own tournaments must supply thier own game supplies and prizes however.

    If anyone would like to run a tournament of thier own you can send me a private message with the details of your tournament and the Nether Spleef Arena can be reserved at certain times for it if needed.
  7. Well...
    If I would host a tournament no one would come:(
    People on EMC only wants to spleef in the nether if some supporter or moderator is hosting it:(
  8. I don't believe that's true. If you planned it out, announced your plan, and made all the arrangements, people would attend for sure.

    That's a fair amount of work though. :)
  9. Maybe...
    Cause when I want to host just a regular spleef game no one wants to play:(
  10. I just realized something when I sat town to consider running a spleef tournament.

    I have no idea how to run a tournament!

    I've never played sports, I've never watched sports... I don't even like sports, lol.

    So... how does one go about running a tournament? And how would one go about specifically running a spleef tournament?
  11. Then you should ask another mod to run it;)
  12. ...or I could learn how to do it. :)

    I do like watching Nether spleef for some reason.
  13. The best way to do it would be a knock out style tournament. Example:

    16 players sign up, each player is randomly matched up against 1 other player giving us 8 initial "matches".
    So say we have matches numbered 1 - 8. The winner of match 1 would progress to the next round where they would be playing the winner of match 2 and so on.

    This image will probably give you a better idea of what I mean. This shows an example of an 8 player tournament. The starting players at the left, how they advance and the winner in the right hand box.

    Ultimately we will end up with an overall winner. Maybe we could set up different tournaments depending on time zones etc and have regional winners.
  14. Nether Spleef arena?? where's that?
  15. Cool design Barks but the thing is tourtaments would be a bad idea imo because they would be one v one which would take time and consume more resources BUT: Team tortaments would be legit it would be team v team with 8 teams using same brackets
  16. I love the idea of spleef organized by the empire staff! Spleef at people's residences is untrustworthy and as a person who has been griefed because of untrustworthy spleefers, I am totally for this :)
  17. Thanks Barks! :)

    That sounds simple enough. But like Terr suggested, spleef is more fun/better with a field full of players.

    Team games would work well with this system I think. But what about free-for-all games like we've been running mostly? How would/could a tournament with that kind of game work?

    And if we run team games, how would that work? For some reason I have trouble wrapping my head around team games... I would get so lost with who's on what team while the game is being played. Perhaps each team would be required to put on a certain skin (?), or is there another way to go about recognizing teams?

    Again, I have no idea about this sportsy stuff... so anyone feel free to educate me on what may seem to be the obvious to you.
  18. Remember that the Nether Spleef Arena is set up so that you can use it to run/play games yourself. It's not just the moderators who can run games there... anyone can. :)

    The Nether Spleef Arena is a public building for all citizens of the Empire to use.
  19. Team play could be done by teams wearing different armor, or one team wearing armor and the other one not.
    There is also another competitiion style called 'round robin', Wikipedia has some great information on it, as well as other tournament styles.