need vacantion mode

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  1. i need a vacantion mode if there is one because i can bew online for 3 weeks and if i am correct my res get deleted after 1 week, so if it is posssible i want vacantion mode. (i cant play more after today)
    i hope i can get something like vacantion mode or that my res dont get deleted, and if i dont react to any reactions that probally is because i am away. so if someone can help me i really appriciet that.

    with freindly greetings dales13
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  3. Do that, just click on the link in AusQB's message.
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  4. it would probably be to much strain on the server
  5. Did you even read the thread?
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  6. He probably didn't.
  7. There is no such thing as vacation mode, but IcecreamCow and Shaunwhiet1982 can put a "protection" kinda thing on your residence, can't remember what that was called but I had it on my residence when I was on a vacation for a month. Just PM one of them and they will fix it for ya. :)
  8. That is completely true.