Need Silk Touch!

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  1. Hey guys I need a Silk touch pick ( I would like it with unbreaking :D)
    so if you have one reply on this post with what enchantments it has and your price!
  2. Dont we all
  3. I have one with Silk Touch I and Eff IV
  4. How much to buy :p
  5. Who said i was selling :p
  6. Lol touche
  7. lol
  8. na ill think about selling it, But I would put it 2 auction but under the current circumstances I can't :(
  9. Please keep on topic in threads.

    Xeriul you may have more chance buying in an auction, as most players tend to auction as opposed to direct sale as it is worth more money to them. :)
  10. I have a silktouch pickaxe with unbreaking III and efficiency III. It is on sale for 14,000rupees. PM me if you are interested. ;)