Need shop on utopia!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by padde73, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Hi i think it's so annoying that it's no shop or mall on utopia so i have to go to another server like smp1. so i must buy and send it over, it's so annoying so i hope that anyone make a mall because i don't want to buy and send it over to utopia again and again.Does anyone agree with me.
  2. Maybe when I get gold, i'll make a big mall on my res...
  3. Soulpunisher you are awsome;)
  4. You would go down in history
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  5. You will be legendary:p
  6. When i'm able to get gold though, it will be next month and my mum wanted to go for the cheapest supporter.
  7. When will you get gold?
  8. I may be able to move my second res to utopia, I was planning on building something there, but got caught up in Robbie's project.
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  9. Also, why should someone else just jump up and make a shop on utopia so that YOU can use it?... Seems like a huge waste of money to me. They would spend infinitely more effort on it than it takes you to vault items over. @Soul. If you make a small mall, you should make the prices high and monopolize the utopian economy!:)
  10. Okay FIne I get the hints! I will start planning the Contruction of Beacky Inc. Mall
  11. Thought missdeedee had one there?
  12. I'm pretty sure there are no shops on utopia atm, only small ones.
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  13. Sounds like a great idea, i have an unused res on utopia that if i wasnt banned id donate to some1 to make a big mall.

  14. Yea only time on utopia is when biscuit going show me something or won a auction going pick it up.

    Well who's fault is that hmm
  15. Haha i wasnt saying i wish i wasnt banned or that i shouldnt be banned :rolleyes:
    *lets not make a rant or tangent about this plz. thanks*
  16. I wasn't going to rant, all I was saying is its easier to say I would donate if could but i cant then say doing it :D
  17. Well if someone can lend me a residence, I can make utopia a mega mall. Anyone?
  18. I didn't say that someone should make a mall i'm just saying if anyone whould make one it will be awsome