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  1. I need to demonstrate that this is true for my maths class, but I don't have ANY idea of how to do it. Help please?
    Demostracion plz.jpg
  2. I don't think that anyone can read that.
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  3. Make it readable please.
  4. 1+ 1/tg alpha + 2/(tg alpha)2 | 1+2·sen alpha · cos alpha = 1/ (sen alpha)2
  5. from what I can see, I think its right...

    Just say nfell2009 said its right! then do: :p
  6. It's been a looooong time since I did anything like this, but it is the same as any other math problem of this type. You need to simplify it so that you can see that the statement is true.

    The left side is a fraction over a fraction, so I would start there working with it algebraicly. You probably know some trigonometric substitutions so there's also that to try.
  7. But I tried and tried for a half an hour and I didn't get it :(
  8. Try starting by multiplying boths sides by (sen alpha)^2 so that you have 1/1 on the right. Then I would tackle that monster on the left.
  9. Look out! We have a bassass over here ( in a good way :p )
  10. Yeah we use sin instead of sen. You need to multiply the factions with its conjugates.
  11. haha bf3 quote
  12. I noticed that also, but the beauty of it is you could have substituted foo or coconuts and it still generally works.