Need digger, to dig out Utopia residence

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  1. Price is negociable

    Need someone to digout all the dirt in utopia res

    Name price you wan to be paid and I will say yes or haggle with you
  2. Are you supplying the shovels?
  3. I will do it for 240k....
    Also, like quarter stop said, will you supply shovels?
    And, will there be a haste 2 beacon on the res?
  4. Staff can do it for 120k :/
  5. I will supply shovels, they will be stone or ill make a repairable god shovel, if it costs that much mabye 20 layers instead
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  6. I know, but, if he wants a whole utopian res to be dug out, legitly, it will cost 240k.
    A lot bigger price, but, you have to the resources from it.
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  7. Unless he has something planned seriously huge to do with dirt, he won't need over 20 DCs of it lol. And if he did, that's 2k worth of dirt which he can buy elsewhere and save 120k on the labor side.

    I'd suggest hiring Sr. Staff to do it for 120k then buy the dirt elsewhere if you really need it.
  8. This will be an extremely hard job for 3 people, even with god shovels, and a Hast II beacon. I'm currently digging out a residence on Smp2, and it's taken me a week, and I'm only 2/3's done.
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  9. I don't need the dirt I might do it myself it it costs that much

    How many layers are under a residence
  10. if you have to supply your own diamond shovels, they can break 1562 blocks, and there are 1440000 blocks in a utopian res i think, that would take 922 shovels which would cost around 50k or so
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  11. someone correct me if im wrong though ouo i think the dimensions of a utopian res are 120x120x100
  12. I've used around 30 shovels so far on the Smp2 residence, and I'm 2/3's done, so only about 45 shovels will be needed, and most didn't have Unbreaking III on it. So the maximum amount of shovels he should need to dig out the residence is 100 shovels.
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  13. a utopian res if 4x the size of a regular res but idk i did this with guess info and a calculator ouo
  14. I will just make 5 god shovels and repair them, zip is easy to get.

    Is there anyone who can confirm how many layers r in a utopia residence, I might go find out. I thought around 40 but I could be way off
  15. you could just get a shovel and have your inventory empty then just dig all the way down and all the dirt you have is how many layers there are
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  16. So if you need 45 for your res, that means he should use roughly 200.. Since Utopian residences are 4x the size.

    There are 63 layers of dirt to dig out. Shovels would, as stated earlier; cost you a bomb. Which on top of your personal labor, would make 120k for a World Edit clear out the best choice.
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  17. Yes, my bad.
  18. Shovels will not cost a bomb 5 repairable god shovels should be enough. XP is easy to get so I can repair them. If that doesn't work I have tons of materials for stone shovels. I am not concerned about shovels at all.

    So how much would it cost for 30 layers of digging shovels supplied by me
  19. It's always the answer.
  20. TNT doesn't work in towns, tried on smo4 may be different in utopia