Need Confirmation on Pick Prices

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  1. Could somebody fetch me these details for a reward? (1K/ TO BE DISCUSSED)
    All single, double and triple enchants, all combos, pls.
    Diamond only.
    Prices for all picks listed or suggested price.

    This if for an upcoming sale I'm having.

    Anyway, PM me
    post on this thread if you only have a few pieces of information.

    Thanks all,

  2. I think an Unbreaking III would go for 1.7k ish?!
  3. Idk...

    BUMP, need prices ASAP for me to make mah thread
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  4. no they go for 300r and below
  5. What we need is a price guide.
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  6. Lol yes, totally agreed with you!
  7. I suggest starting a conversation with Faithcaster or RoBoT_ChicKeN_66 regards pricing, as they own one of the larger enchantment stores.
  8. Oh, thank you! Never thought of that idea!
  9. Let's just say that you won't make profit unless you got Unbreaking3, Fortune3, Efficiency 4 or Silktouch1, Efficiency 4, unbreaking3.

    Other picks is worth lot less, mainly because of easy xp and villager trading.