Nearly there!

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  1. So, i need 4 more likes to have 25 likes, i need 2k more rupees to have 60k rupees, and i need alot more posts to get the next trophy :p
  2. yeah, post like an idiot and have a 1000 posts like me xD
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  3. Yeah and asking for likes is boosting and that's against the rules...

    Forum Police strikes again!
    Grammar Police is in his break.
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  4. :D well, i might actually do that :p thanks for the idea :)
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  5. If 1000 posts = idiotic
    Then I must be a colossal dumb****.
  6. i didnt ask for likes???
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  7. How can you get 60k rupees wothout spending them!
  8. Well.... its like your asking for likes.

    Lets put it in this situation:
    Friends are going to the amusement park. They didn't invite you, you act and say things like "Wow must be nice to go to the amusement park" and your friend will be like... "Oh we should bring you along" and your like "OH YAYZ!!!". And everyone kisses and lives happily ever after.
  9. :D thx for the likes guys, im not on 25, yay, gotta trophy :p
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