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  1. I wondered if maybe some of the coders could find a way to categorize/color names in the Tab list so that it reflects where we are based on Town, Wild and Nether.

    The reason behind the idea is because I get tells every so often while in the Wild or in the nether from someone saying "So-and-so wants to know why you're ignoring them." If I check my ignore list and they're not on it I then tell them I'm in the wild/nether and it turns out they're in town.

    Yes I know they could try using the live map but apparently some people only just go on the server to play in town.
  2. this is a good idea i approve but am not a coder D:
  3. I missed "Categorize" in the title *facepalm* It's 6am meh.

    But yeah it would help. I've been in town where people have been trying to have conversations and people are in the wild and then chat gets spammed with "Hi" "Hi" "Hi" "WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING TO ME!?" or "Is so-and-so AFK?"
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  4. I've been trying to think of a convenient solution to this issue. I too sometimes wonder what world some people are in, but usually it's just too much effort to load up the live map just for that.

    It probably won't be feasible, or even possible, to edit the TAB screen to show each player's location. Instead, a simple command, something like /worlds, could be implemented. It would be similar to /who, but instead of categorizing players by member status, they would be grouped by the three worlds.
  5. There are a few ways one could avoid this: First, typing /p [playername] will give you the current world of the player. Second, and more important, if you're having a conversation with someone, use /tell. It works between worlds, and is really useful and nice and all that. Here's an example:

    [player]: hey friend, wanna come to the wild?
    [player]: FRIEND!!!!!!##!#!!!!#!!! Y U NO ANSUR MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    [player]: ANSWER ME FRIEND!@!!!!
    [player]: ANSWER ME FRIEND!@!!!!
    [player]: ANSWER ME FRIEND!@!!!!
    [player]: ANSWER ME FRIEND!@!!!!
    <[player] has been kicked by [server]>

    [player]: hey friend, wanna come to the wild?
    (nothing happens for a minute)
    [player]: /tell friend hey friend, wanna come to the wild?
    [friend]: /tell player Sure! I'm in the nether though, give me a chance to get back to spawn
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  6. BETTER:
    [player]: /tell friend hey friend, wanna come to the wild?
    [friend]: /tell player Sure! I'm in the nether though, give me a chance to get back to spawn

    ie, why bother telling everyone in town, when this is a request to just one person?
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  7. Yeah I'm sure something could be implemented though. Not sure how it could be done.

    True on the /p [name] and /tell but sometimes it seems they don't remember this option. I've used the /p [name] option before actually.

    I thought about maybe making names colored based on location but that would confuse the heck out of everyone because supporters and staff are colored names. Was just an idea because I encountered this at one point and then again today and the person who thought I was ignoring them apparently didn't get /tell or the fact that yeah my name was in the members list but I was in the wild.
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  8. Dealing with one person is easy enough, but if you were trying to track a few people, it's tedious to do /p for each of them. It would be nice to just have a single command and from there you can decide how to go about contacting each person.
  9. This would be a great idea although it would add more confusion as the tab list is coloured already to what rank they are (staff/supporter/tutorial) So adding more different colours could overly confuse people creating chaos in the tab list. You can in fact type /p [playername] and it will tell you information on that player such as which server they're connected too and where they are as in town/nether/wild. This command also delivers how long someone has been in the Empire and their status (banned or not) along with their group (staff/supporters/regular).
  10. Ok I know you can /p [player name] a what it tells. I have read the guide. I already said colors wouldn't work. It was just a suggestion to possibly make it less confusing and whatnot as to who is where and so that people don't think you're ignoring them. If I could press Tab and it tell me whoever I'm looking for in the Wild then I'd know to /tell instead of spamming town chat.
  11. I like this idea, but it can be improved.
    Person 1- /p Person 2
    (Shows Status blah blah blah)
    *hits pause button*
    Me- Person 1 is going to the wild to meet Person 2 for an adventure. Just clearing things up
    *hits play button*
    Person 1 goes to wild spawn and Person 2 is not there
    Person 1- /p Person 2
    But where is Person 2?
    Person 1- /p Person 2
    Location- Wild SPAWN
    Person 1 goes to wild spawn and they live happy blah blah blah
    If you didnt see the point of what I was saying, here it is.
    We should have it where its like /p Player 2
    Location- wild SPAWN or WEST OUTPOST
    Since there are no nether outposts the just West Outpost should suffice.
    Or all the other outposts
    /wall of text
  12. Great idea, i wanted to suggest this some time ago, but totally forgot about it.
    I would also add another idea/command here. For example /res plist - so we could get the list of players that are currently on your res.
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  13. 1. Add an icon at the side of the names, instead of another colour. A tiny image, at the side of each. Maybe rack or lava for nether; grass for overworld, endstone for End, and town... IDK? a tiny little house?

    2. Add a tip, saying "Did you know that you can press TAB to see who is online?"
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  14. I think a lot of people don't know about that one, which is pretty funny :D
  15. I didn't even think of that. I'm sure it could work if there was a way to code it in.

    True. Then here are also the ones who when you tell them say "I'm too lazy to read names" and continue to ask if someone is online. ._.