Name Change Log!

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  1. Hey Guys, Wolff EMCTimelord here!
    This thread will be for players to show their name change!
    Please keep this thread on Name Changes!
    How to set up your name change:
    {Original Name} Changed to {New Name}

    Wolffpack Changed to EMCTimelord
    Name Changes on Minecraft are coming soon. We have not had time to fully support it, so you will continue to use your old name if you change your name. It should be safe to change your name if you wish, but it will not take effect on EMC until we have time to update our code."
  2. There was already a thread ofr this, i think ill look it up
  3. ShelLuser.

    wait, I forgot to change my name. Sorry; couldn't resist the temptation of posting 8)
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  4. Old username: Ultimamaxx
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  5. boozle628 --> Boozle_.
  6. someone hacked into my account and changed my username, skin, and password for my account :{
    so I don't like it but there's nothing I can do about it. :(


    Btw I hate bulldogs.
  7. If they changed your password... nvm...
  8. Contact Mojang support with your transaction ID. :)
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  9. Hold on. I forgot me and my old friend share the same account. Im going to see, when I have the chance, if he changed anything.

    Why did I forget?! I must have worried to much.