Mystul Radio

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    Instructions for use:

    Windows Media Player:

    Click File>Open URL> Paste The Above Link


    Click the above the link> Click the Blue "Listen Button"> Open Downloaded file in iTunes

    VLC Player:

    Click the above the link> Click the Blue "Listen Button"> Open Downloaded file in VLC Player
  2. Nice and that was the last time I saw Muhhamad Ali.
  3. i think its good ur seperating them :p anyways i see from the old thread your having problems.. id go with that one guys mixes that lasts 2 hrs and call it good. no one would notice it repeating :p
  4. erm FYI - been up and running for the last hr :)
  5. Still having major issues with the machine I want to use... kinda upsetting - nice computer too.... maybe I try 32 bit os :(

    FYI - check the first post - for most current info
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  6. Oh, that is new XD Before it was a dot O3O
  7. Ok quick question for this. Is there a certain WMP that you have to use? Cause I cannot for the life of me find "file" on it. Or is this something that has to be done in the browser?
    (I have the WMP that comes with Windows 7, if that makes any sense @A@)
  8. Hit the ALT key and it will appear.
  9. Hold on, before I can go to the URL, I need to find my safety vest and hockey helmet =.= Cause Derpa-fricken-dur.

    Thanks a bunch :D

    Forgot to add this: How does the song system work? Do I need to make a new playlist for this or what? And does it add songs automatically or do I need to add the link each time?
  10. Maybe update it you need to right click the top bar?
  11. What he said worked, and what you said did too. It was just two ways of doing it unless I read what you said wrong.
  12. Naw bro... Just listen and enjoy. It shows the current song playing, but past that.. Its just like regular radio.
  13. May I just add.. It's very hard to enjoy rock, So I turned it off..
  14. youre crazy.. Its all art.. I can listen to any music and find joy in it.. Im not going to say I "like" everything I listen to, but I can sit and listen to anything and find the artistic value. But hey.. its all opinion :p
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  15. DUNDUNDUNDUNDUDNDUNRARRRGGGHHHHHDUNDUNDUNDUN Gives me a headache after a while. Besides. It's not really art. It just shows he can shout.
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  16. Well perhaps you can tell me what you like josh... and I'm not playing rock atm :)
  17. Anything that isn't rock really.
  18. Ok wait a couple minutes - looks like there are a couple 'rockish' tracks - techo for about 45 mins