[My Youtube :D] SinglePlayer Survival? or Multiplayer Survival?

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  1. Anyways hey guys Should i do a Multiplayer Survival on EMC or do a Singleplayer survival? My channel link is www.youtube.com/user/TheUnderdog13MC so if you wanna subscribe go ahead :) 100 Subs = PvP Montage :) One of my Best Intros TBH :D
  2. Multiplayer survival is a much more enjoyable video to watch then Singleplayer survival because when your by yourself, the videos kind of get boring. Multiplayer survival would most definitely be my first choice when recording :)
    (This is only my opinion. I know there are hundreds of Youtubers out there that are funny by themselves.)

    Also I was your 100th subscriber :D. You'd better be making that pvp montage ;)
  3. Yes, You should do multiplayer its more entertaining!
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  4. Might want to fix the intro with the placement of the apples and the sword.
  5. The Clan is Abandoned anyways..
  6. Yea i did but the file took a crap .-. But i will Upload it :D