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Should this be allowed?

Yes, and iron farms should be allowed. 9 vote(s) 81.8%
No, but iron farms should be allowed. 2 vote(s) 18.2%
Yes, but iron farms should be illigal. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, and iron farms should be illigal. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I have no idea what this thing does. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I have no opinion on what should happen. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I have been "researching" the mob spawner blocks for a while, and how they come in with world generation.
    (by researching I mean reading minecraft wiki and watching extensive videos describing world generation)
    I have found that

    1. You can push a certain array of cobblestone blocks into an unloaded chunk for a spawner.
    2. You can manipulate how many mossy cobblestone blocks are generated
    3. Based off mossy cobble generation, you can determine what type of spawner it is.

    I have also found a design for an infinite piston pusher. :D
    If you are wondering what it is called, it is Dan's (from zipkrowd) cobra. You can make up to 8 spawners in a single chunk.

    Now, I can understand all of you thinking "This is way OP it should be illigal!" However, I have done this in my survival world, and it is NOT fun. It requires 4-5 stacks of redstone blocks and 4-5 stacks of pistons. The best way to get redstone is from a witch farm. It also takes a LOOONG time to build and figure out all the redstone. There are no world downloads to see how it works, so I had to figure it out myself.
    I am personally pondering on wether this should be allowed. It is like iron farms... It is not an intended feature, but it is not exploiting a GLITCH. I personally feel that iron farms should be banned if this technique is banned, as they have the same intent.

    What do you guys think? Should I post the video showing how this works?
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  2. Cool idea! It could also help w/ stuff like mob spawners and mossy cobble prices will go down! :)
    But I need the iron farms still, its one of those things that are limited and are important.
  3. Not really mossy cobble, you won't get a ton from each created spawner. It is much easier to mine out a jungle temple or find a mega taiga.
  4. Oh yah... Im just knew to 1.7 still :D
  5. If you are talking about the vid I've seen where they use panda's giant piston snake thing. I can tell you now, won't work in EMC for at least 3 reasons. :)

    And why would you want to go to all that trouble, and yes, it's a HUGE amount of trouble trust me. When you can simply find 1 of 10000's of spawners all over the place? Even in SP.
  6. Oh and, no, you can't make 8 spawners in 1 chunk.

    There is 8 possible locations in a chunk for a spawner to spawn. :) and with a lot of work, you can calculate where those locations are. (Impossible to do in EMC for several reasons).
    And from that you can build a humongous redstone 'cobra' that spans beyond visible range (which you cannot do in EMC), to spawn blocks in unloaded chunks.
    And the cobra will not work in EMC even within active range. :)

    There's a bunch of other issues with this as well, but the above 3 impossible to do in EMC should be enough to kill the idea lol
  7. I think he means push 8 spawners with pistons into 1 chunk or manipulate the spawning to make it happen.
  8. No, you can't push spawners. He means that in every chunk in the world, there are 8 random locations that a spawner CAN spawn. When the chunk is generated, a bunch of things are checked, and there is a small chance a spawner will be created in 1 or more of those 8 locations. Theoretically, it's possible to get at most 8 spawners in one chunk.. EDIT: Correction, you could get at most 4 spawners i think.. due to the space they take up. but you'd have a better chance at winning the lottery 100 times in a row lol

    He's talking about a zipkrowd youtube vid where they use the 'cobra' to force creation of 'spawners' in unloaded chunks. And due to the method of the cobra, it's not possible to spawn all 8, in fact, i'm pretty sure you can only use it to spawn 1 :) and it's impossible to do in EMC at all.
  9. Hmm.
    Don't know...
    It is a cool system, but there are a lot of different opinions on this and usually having one leads to unneeded arguments.
    As for your comparison, it is a strange comparison as Iron Farms tend to work not on generating new areas but with creating a new 'village' which the mechanics behind change frequently due to mojang.
  10. I compared to iron farms because it is not an intended feature of the game, and it could be considered an exploit in certain ways, like this.
    Why would you say it is impossible? (Of course everything is impossible)
  11. To save you wasting time and money trying to do it?

    Go for it if you like. :) Let me know how you go.