My wild base got greifed.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Runningrhino, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Someone help! I got greifed. look at what they left. 2013-09-28_22.19.34.png
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  2. Lel
    I can't wait until someone tells you to PM a mod
  3. lol i saw this. :p
  4. OMG you greifed it urrr going to get banned
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  5. Yes its me, im the leader of avolishun. Trololololol
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  6. omg somone better ban you
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  7. Wait can't they tell if people placed signs?
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  8. Well, yes you know this, but you should pm a mod. 'team avolishun' are the noobs, they can't even write a few intelligible sentences making fun of what they did.
  9. Please start a private conversation with me, including the smp and co-ords and I will investigate it for you :)
  10. WAY to ruin it go sit in a corner please
  11. Not sure if joking, or didn't get the joke XD
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  12. thats the beauty of it
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  13. Maybe you could better have changed your chat channel to local, cause town in wild is kinda obviius:p
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