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  1. I joined EMC 756 days ago, a little more than two years ago, and EMC has changed a lot during this time. When I joined the Empire 756 days ago, SMP3 was easily the most popular server for shops, and it took some people over a half hour just to get on. When I joined, iron ingots costed around 10r a piece. When I joined, the thought of living in the wild was a weird thought, like why go live somewhere where you could die and lose everything, when you could live in town and never die? When I joined, casinos were the business that everyone wanted in on, not megamalls. Megamalls were almost nonexistent then anyhow. Nowadays, lots of those things have changed. SMP3 is almost never even half fulled, Iron costs around 2r a pop, it seems there is a wild camp/community being made everyday, and casinos are almost nonexistent. Lots of things have changed since I joined, both for good and for bad. I myself feel that lower Iron prices have hurt parts of the economy, because its now harder for people to make money to buy other stuff with. But thats not a big problem, I have never found a big problem with anything here on EMC. We have gotten lots of good solutions to problems, such as the wastelands, which protect wild camps, because it gets reset, and not the wild. The point of this thread is to say that things have changed a lot, but for the most part, for the good, so keep giving us new changes, EMC staff, we might seem lukewarm to an idea at first, but who knows, we might just end up liking it in the end. :)
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  2. Ahh yes, i remember those days :)
  3. *sudden casino nostalgia moment* Time to make a casino...
  4. Lucky dips were the ship man. 1r to possibly get a diamond sword, or a load of crap, but that diamond sword was the goal.
  5. I remember *someone's* casino, I drowned so much money into that, but I got some pretty good stuff... then they got banned....
    no more r sink