My thoughts on Scottish Independence!

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Should Scotland leave?

Yes 11 vote(s) 44.0%
Mixed feelings 7 vote(s) 28.0%
No 7 vote(s) 28.0%
  1. So, uh yeah. If you haven't heard, today is the day of the Scottish referendum. This is the day Scotland decides if it really wants to leave the United Kingdom, or not. And these are my thoughts on it!

    Why Scotland should leave the UK:
    English politics are, to put it bluntly, rubbish. We also basically dictate what happens all over the UK, and we are not fit to do that. Why?
    • We have a Monarchy that we spend millions on each year that does absolutely nothing for us.
    • We have a fricking Coalition Government.
    • Have you seen the state of all our laws?
    • Our Government only care for London and Birmingham.
    Now let's elaborate on that last point;
    Our government spend millions on the expansion of London and Birmingham. They do not care for the North, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. This is why Liverpool, Manchester and other cities up North are crapholes and are the English equivalents of cities like Detroit in America. The English government's 'best' and most expensive investment in the last few years has been a trainline... to get to London. Until you get into the countryside, Wales isn't a very nice place either. I 100% understand why Scotland want to secede, and I know they can do it, as hundreds of countries have broken away from United Kingdom rule.

    Would also just like to point out that Scotland and Wales are treated like provinces. I don't point out Northern Ireland here, because it is a province.

    Why Scotland shouldn't leave the UK:
    They will have to convert to a new currency, like a Scottish Dollar (something me and my friends 'made up' at school today and laughed at) or (god forbid), the Euro. The reason being is because the pound is a UK currency, and as far as I know, Ireland was forced to give it up when they got independence 98 years ago (it was 1916, right? :p).

    Scotland may also go into millions of pounds into debt, and it will take them quite a few (could be 1, 5, 10, 100) years to get back onto their feet. It will be a rocky start, no doubt. But things may get better, and it may be a potential place I want to move to in the future (I'm leaving England as soon as I possibly can :p) if it becomes that amazing Scandinavian Kingdom they imagine themselves to be.

    Although, who will help them with the invasion of mosquitos we currently have if they leave? D:

    Overall, I have mixed feelings on this. What do you people think? :3
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  2. Hi there!
    The Monarchy - The SNP like the Royals and have already said the Royal Family will remain.
    Coalition - You cant leave a country every four years just because you didn't get the government you wanted! London voted Labour majority, should London become independant?
    London and Brum - Yeah I kinda get this only the HS2 suggests they want to link the country together.

    Currency - They have said they want to keep the pound, so how does this mean they will govern themselves? Everything depends on the economy Britain will control that because it controls the pound.
    Debt - Nobody knows anything! I dont even think the SNP know how much or how little debt they will take on!
    Laws - The majority of our Laws are decided in Brussells by ALL of Europe. Scotland want to remain in the EU therefore if they keep the pound and stay in the EU I fail to see how they will govern themselves.

    In all of this the SNP haven't actually said what on earth they ARE going to do, I know if I lived in Scotland and they weren't telling me what IS going to happen I wouldn't vote!!!! They have had 2 years to propose a position to Scotland on how things will be but they haven't! You'd have to be mad to vote for a total unknown!

    Its sad, I would love to see all countries in all the world coming together as opposed to breaking away from each other.

    The real problem is Politicians are Politicians and they are all the same world wide. For some reason Scotland seems to think their Politicians are different.
    All Scotland are doing today is voting for the word YES or the word NO.

    I wish Scotland all the best in whatever they decide, I love em!
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  3. Just because they like them doesn't mean they get to keep them. England decides the fate of the Royal Family (I was also just voicing my opinion on them there, more or less. I'm a supporter of an English Republic :p) in Scotland. Scotland could just go and get themselves a new monarchy if they really wanted to keep them, but it would be unneeded and a waste of money.
    That's actually a great idea! Scotland should just get everything up until the slum areas of England vanish to the South and where Wales starts to the West. I'm sure they would take better care of us than the current government has :p
    They can't keep it unless England/Wales/Northern Ireland (we all know which one really matters here >.>) says they can.
    They are in trillions of pounds of debt with England/Wales, which they don't have to pay as part of the UK. The SNP are fools.

    Scotland are different to England, and while they're under the control of England, they can't do what they want. Also, if it wasn't a yes or no vote, what would it be?
    This would cause more fighting than multiple different countries do.
  4. Hey :3

    I don't see the royals going anytime soon. Scotland is leaving due to political views (mainly).

    You're making a bad comparison. Scotland is a country while London is a city. Scotland and England's joining together to make the UK is basically just an agreement to be together. While London cannot leave the UK or England as its 'owned' by the British Government.

    The vote for Scotland to leave is every 10 years. Scotland are a socialist country (Lib dem.) and only have 1 MP in parliament. Many Scots don't like this because they think what they say isn't going to be heard.

    Birmingham and London are the largest cities in the UK. Birmingham is quite near the centre of England so its a good idea to connect 2 major cities but also have access to central England.

    They can't use the pound unless the British Government allows them too and its been used as a reason to stay.

    £1 trillion. Scotland has that debt with England and we've said it will come back if they leave.

    Actually - every few years (can't remember the exact number) the EU paraliement meets in France - Strasbourg. If Scotland leaves the UK it leaves the EU. It won't just be a member automatically and I don't think the Scottish people want to join, however, if they don't prices of everything will increase due to trade taxes etc. set up by the EU.

    The SNP seem to think that they can just leave and be fine and dandy. No. If they leave they'll soon find out what its like to be an indepentant country. Prices will go up and bills will roll in. They think they can just export oil, man are they wrong.

    It would be nice. But everyone is opposite, so it won't happen for a while (few hundred/thousand years0

    Scotland don't match the rest of the UK.

    Kinda wish Scotland the worst... they're leaving the greatest union in the world. They have it coming. #Karma
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  5. They're leaving the worst union in the world they were forced into hundreds of years ago :p They don't belong in the UK, but they need to stay.
  6. How were they forced? xD It was an agreement between Scotland & England
  7. They were under pressure to do it or something. England had been fighting with them for ages and had just invaded Wales successfully. I think the original plan was to just expand Scotland's borders :p
  8. I have mixed feelings about the referendum, it could be a great thing for Scotland to do or it could possibly be a really bad hit on them for a very long time. I do not support one particular side, I just hope the right decision goes through really :)

    One question I have for you Soul, why do you want to leave England as fast as you possibly can? It's not perfect, I will certainly admit, but no place is perfect :p
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  9. Hm, I find this quite interesting, actually...

    Edit: What is the SNP?
  10. The SNP is the Scottish national party which is campaigning for independence
  11. The main point of this debate is DEMOCRACY, bringing power to the lowest level of the population as possible and all the benefits such self determination could bring. While there is no reason to suggest that Scotland would become more socially just, less unequal and more prosperous the fact that it today has the chance to break away from a unitary, centralised, war-mongering, imperialistic and quite frankly out of touch Westminster system the chances are it will be.

    I believe in a sovereign state for all national communities, it is natural to do so. Nations with their own states are usually more peaceful and harmonious. I would suggest self-determination for Scotland, and as a proud Welshman Wales also. Alongside this Northern Ireland could either become independent also or unite with the Republic to its South. I would suggest that for England, a federal system would be most suitable designating regions with their own tax powers and regional capitals.

    Like you I am a republican and cannot see why Scotland would want to keep the royal family but see in the short term why the SNP would want to (lots of Scottish people like them, I don't know why). Some aspects of the SNP are basically Tory-lite ideology but that does not deter me from supporting Scottish independence. Separation in my opinion would re-invigorate a radical English political tradition and that can only be a good thing.

    It is time for Scotland to sit at the table of sovereignty, and become a brother to England and not like it's son being given the crumbs of political power.
  12. To be honest I'm one of those people who support the idea of no nationality/borders/religions no nothing, so I'm always against these crappy independence debates.. land is such a poor excuse to waste effort and energy at
  13. Come on the Scots! Us Irish had to break free from their rule and thanks to Michael Collins, we gained independence in 1921, 5 years after the Easter Rising, not to say it went very well in the late 1900's...
  14. Smaller national units are usually always more peaceful and progressive, at least in the West. Countries/unions that are too big with too much centralized control create fighting and wars to protect the imperial views it has (when they are too big to fail).
    Plus, you'd feel different if you lived under a medieval system of Conservative establishment, politicians who totally do not care for certain nations within the 'union' and show a total disregard for any different linguistic group, ethnic group and economic class than those who make up the majority of MPs!
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  15. No it can't. Its a province of the United Kingdom. They stayed for a reason. They like the UK. I don't see them leaving or wanting to leave anytime soon.
  16. They liked the Uk with Scotland in (many scots living in Ulster) , lets see what happens if Scotland leaves.
  17. Not sure how borders would work. Brussels said that Scotland will need to apply to be in the EU but to get in would require a unanimous vote, but Spain and Belgium are currently going through the same kind of thing that the UK is going through. The leaders will probably say no or the people who want the split will be like "You let them in but not let us split?". Even if Scotland did get in the EU the UK has opted out for the Schengen meaning that Scottish people CANNOT move between Scotland and the UK only mainland Europe that have opted in for the Schengen agreement.

    They'll probably just stay. NI relies on the UK for a lot.
  18. I hate the government, the way the country looks, and a lot of the people who live here. (In the north of the country, anyway. Most people up here are just horrible chavs >.>)
    No, it couldn't. Its not a country, its a province. The only way it could unite with its South is if the UK disbanded completely (which won't happen, as Wales relies on England for pretty much everything) or it 'gave it up'. They also want to stay, that's why it exists in the first place.

    Side note; if Scotland were to leave, the UK should rename itself. Because, well... its not really a United Kingdom if it doesn't have Scotland in it :p
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  19. Not really. Wales could become self sufficient, not saying it would be a good idea though.