My sudden disapearence...

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  1. Hey...

    So as many people have realized, I havnt been on the forms lately, and the reasoning is because i found a new game to play. I play a game like minecraft, but its called Manic Digger. I will still occasionally be on the forums, to stay up to date with the EMC Community...

    Yours truly,


    P.s. Yes, I AM IronClad1017, for those who dont know already...
  2. I KNEW IT!!! HAHAHAHAHAH- *Cough*

    I mean, um, thanks for telling us all that and have a nice day, and I hope to see you soon?
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  3. clone of a clone :confused:
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  4. What are you on about?
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  5. I was wondering the same thing....
  6. Lol... You special(; Haha Yes, I hope to see you soon too.... I dont think we've met in-game yet...
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  7. You're at the LLO right? I can see you there by downtown sometime soon, when it isn't 4:00AM for me :p
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  10. Yes, infact i am a part of LLO, I am acually in charge of the LLO website now... But, the weird thing is, ive never got to go visit llo.... Yes, its sad, but i have to live with it:(, as im no longer aloud to play minecraft anymore D:
  11. Why? D: I could have picked you up at the nether spawn.
  12. D: I know :( It sounds sad for you, but I have to live with it, and deal with it. :( And I have a feeling I won't bee going back on...