My plans and progress for my very own smp7 Castle. :)

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  1. Now, keep in mind this is not 100% accurate.. I am definitely not going to be using that many diamonds/gold. I just like to do so in creative because it looks good, but financially, that is not possible..

    I will include the Graph Paper with this post, so that anyone who is interested can use it as well..
    I cut it down to a 60x60 grid, so you can build whatever you want in a painting program and then transfer it to your minecraft world. Much like a 2-d blueprint. :)

    Progress so far, as I see fit to work on it so far.
    The central square is nowhere near complete, but I am getting bored building with SPC/World Edit right now...

    The "gate" on the wall. The blue wool would be water.

    Top down view of everything so far.

    Side cutaway view.

    This is still a WIP and will remain so for an extended period of time. As of right now, my only goal is to create the foundation of the project, build upon it, fine tune it and then calculate exactly how many of each block will be required to build the 1st portion of the castle.

    I intend to install stairwells into the towers with storage containers on different floors. There will be gardens, animal pens, a dungeon and much more as time goes on. I have given up on the glass shelf, but it has shown me the degree of planning necessary to see a project through to the end...

    Anyone who donated to that original project will be compensated in the future, as I must go through and dig up many many names and verify their current standing in the community.
    Alas, that is for another time to be discussed...

    Here is the 60x60 graph paper for anyone who is interested in using this method of planning your builds.

    Click it to download it from the link. :)
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  2. Awesome Twitch this is going to be amazing!
    I wish I could donate but all my spendings are going towards the community farm right now.
    Right when I get my hands on a good amount of rupees I'll make sure to donate

    Good luck,
  3. This looks great and how does it work I'm interested :)
  4. I use paint to fill in the boxes... I have to build it with World Edit.. I just use the graph paper as a digital drawing board. You can't port it over, sorry.