My one year on EMC and an AMA

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  1. Hey all, so on July 26th Ill be one year old on EMC. I thought I would do an AMA.

    So go ahead ask me anything (besides posting first, second, etc.) and Ill do my best to answer it.

    AND GO:
  2. Congrats!

    Where did you find EMC?
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  3. My husband alien9189 hes been playing several months longer than i have and he was the one to introduce me to PC minecraft. before that I only played on Xbox :)
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  4. Congrats on 1 year!
    Is it pronounced GIF or GIF? :p
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  5. GIF obviously :p
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  6. How old are you?
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  7. What is your best memory on EMC?
    Second Question if I can-What is your favorite part about being a moderator?
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  8. I am a quarter of a century year old and 3 days :p
    My best memory are the friends i have made :)
    My favorite part is being able to help out the other players on EMC and being a part of making this great server better :)
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  9. Congrats! :D

    Would you rather fight one bull-sized duck, or a thousand duck sized bulls? (I think that's how the question goes :p)
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  10. :confused: I choose secret option e. None of the above. :p
  11. Option E is fighting a Megatherium; which, if you didn't know, was an elephant-sized sloth hunted to extinction by, you guessed it, humans :p
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  12. Well if it's extinct my fight will be an easy win :p mwahahah
  13. Happy 1 year ! :D

    What is your favorite enchantment?
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  14. my favorite enchantment, hmmm, probably efficiency, i like when mining/harvesting/etc go quickly :)
  15. What is your favorite real life place to go for fun and what is your favorite EMC place?
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  16. real life place, hmmm, i love aquariums and zoos i have a lot of fun there. or amusement parks :p
    EMC, i hang out in town a lot. its safer :p
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  17. Bumper boats are fun so are questions :p