My Minecraft crashing? Someone help! (Like Qwerty)

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  1. So, I encountered a problem that started completely randomly: My Minecraft will crash every time I push the "E" button, even in the chat. And the crash report involved Qwerty189 for no good reason! But it said it crashed for a problem rendering an entity. Here's the report || Can anyone help me? The mods I have if these will help you are Rei's Minimap and Flan's WWII. V Does anybody know the problem? 2013-01-05_12.31.28.png
  2. Just to clarify: My game crashes whenever I push E. Regularly, if the game is paused, in the chat, you name it! It WILL crash!
  3. Qwerty189??
  4. Maybe try giving it more memory.
  5. What would that do? It crashes when I push E. And out of everything, why would Qwerty be a problem with memory on my game?
  6. I didint exactly read the error. I just saw that your mc was crashing and the first thing that came to mind was memory. Acording to the error youre mc is having troubles loading/rendering qwerty.
  7. I logged on again and tested it by going to Qwerty's second res, and my game crashed again. And he was at that res.
  8. Theres youre problem. Try to stay away from qwerty and press e. See if it doesn't crash them.
  9. How do I stay away from him if my game crashed at his house?
  10. Good point. This is like getting stuck in a 1 by 2 bedrock trap with nowone with creative on and to places to tp or warp to.
  11. What server are you on. I may be able to ask him to get off for just a second so you can get out.
  12. I know this sounds ridiculous, but try making your game's window really small while you're logging in. Something like this has happened to me before, and making the screen tiny seemed to help get me in so I could go away from the source of the crash.
  13. It's not lag that's making him crash it's qwerty for some reason.
  14. Smp1, residence 1134.
  15. Thanks for your help! But Qwerty's not my only problem. My game crsahes when I push E.
  16. Same thing has also happened to me before. If you're able to without crashing, just wait there for about a minute and let everything load up, then try pressing E.
  17. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! It crashed when I tried to open a door!
  18. Hmm, does E have anything to do with one of your mods, like, is it a key used for an action in the mod? If so, it might be the mod's fault...
    Otherwise I have no idea.
  19. I checked all of the key config, that's not it. I can type E in the chat, but my game will crash right when I push enter.
  20. Hmm, than I'm stumped, sorry. I'm not very good at this…