My life… is over…

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  1. Sooo… I am getting top braces on the 3rd… but that's not the bad part.
    I am getting a full time headgear. :'(
    Like I said, my social life is over.
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  2. Why are you getting the headgear? That's super rare these days...
  3. Well im sorry... I have full braces on top and bottom with rubber bands, but head gear?:confused:
  4. that really sucks... i have top and bottom braces and they aren't that bad but I've never heard of people getting headgear nowadays.
  5. I used to have braces on just the top, but not the head stuff. If anyone makes fun of you, tell them that you can secretly read their minds with it. Try to make the best out of it.
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  6. ^That.

    Also just remember after this you'll have better teeth then most people
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  7. Also if people try to make fun of you just whack them with it.
    Then see if they make fun of you.
    Don't follow this advice. Ever.
  8. My friend has to wear a headset; just at night though.
    Maybe you could get a retainer?
  9. Well, as you said, the braces won't be bad, I have them as well. Headgear... hmmm. Maybe you could ask if there is an alternative. I doubt it though, because they know what its like to people like you. How long will you need it for? A couple years? Your true friends might mock you at first, but they'll accept it soon enough, and people will learn to live with it. Best of luck though, because despite the fact I haven't had headgear I know what it feels like.
  10. I had went went through the pain for about 5 years ;-;
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  11. such pain
    very laugh

  12. Sorry to hear that. Just as some people have said above just try to make the best out of it.
  13. I say be happy you/your parents can afford it and are not cheep skates like my parents where. My teeth are not a sight to behold, all my wisdom teeth are broke and believe it or not at 29 years of age still have a baby tooth:confused: I cant wait for the day I land a decent job so that I can afford the work I need done. I'd where bracers at 30+ with pride:D
  14. Think in the long term - you will probably look back and think the hassle was worth it. Anyone who makes negative comments regarding this is not worth either comment or your time :)
  15. Might as well make the most of it:

    Attach soda can holders to the sides with straws coming down to mouth level.
    And a bumper sticker somewhere saying: "You won't think its so funny when i gouge out your eyes with my razorblade headgear"
  16. grow an afro to cover it and wear big hats! but seriously try to make the best of it
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  17. I need the headgear because I have no underbite. The rubber bands would not be enough. The only alternative is surgery. And then I'll be half conscious on drugs for five days. And that's a lot of woe to make up.
  18. I'd take the operation... but then I dont know much about this
  19. Retainers just help to hold everything in place and don't actually move anything, you only get them when you have your braces off (I've got it now, it isn't no where near as bad as actual braces when you get used to them) :)

    Anyways, best of luck with your treatment (I would personally go for the surgery, but hey, surgery isn't for everyone)
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