My friend needs help!

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  1. My friend is Nathan_Hodgekns what is 16 letters he can't do any access signs or a shop because a sign can only hold 15 letters on a line.
    Please post below to help thanks.
    His res is 4096 next to my other friend zaccyboy23 his res is 4097
    And mine 3966
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  2. Here is your Help :)

    For the access signs - put the first 15 characters (and the system should take care of the rest) [Just leave out the last letter, number, or whatever it is]

    And don't ask people for likes - I would hate to see you get in trouble for that... Please delete that post/ edit it
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  3. I will delete it
  4. Just because I could :p
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  5. Yea what he said.
    Some other dude had the same problem.
    That fixed it
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  6. Any more posts
  7. Yeah, like they said - just type as much as you can. It works with access signs and I've seen it work with shop signs as well.
  8. (me (I was truing to make an access sign for another person..))