My EMC story.

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  1. Hi, i'm Faeghost i'm from smp6 and this is my EMC story enjoy! c:
    So, my life isn't the greatest i'm lucky to live where i live and have a good family but 145 days ago i was planning to kill myself because i get bullied alot and i have depression issues and other things i'd rather not get into.
    So, i was voting for a server that i went on (hoping it'd get more popular) on minestaus when i saw "Join Empire Minecraft! Great Staff 60x60 plots!" i thought my as well give it a shot, eh?
    I joined and was imminently welcomed and it felt nice to welcomed even though i had never met nor even spoke to them before!
    I've met amazing people such as Cerberus255 who is a great person and is up for anything.
    I've met Tagalreadyteken who is a AMAZING builder and is the kindest person you'll ever met.
    and a few other i'd like to mention but i forgot ;-;
    I'd just like to thank everyone for being such a great community! (and staff for making it even better!)
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  2. My story, I'm Pateraterick and this is my story!

    I'm an Asian, and im proud of it :D.. I haven't thought about committing suicide .................. yet, because I have such a lovely family and friends. My birthday is on May 12nd.

    I love basketball, Miami Heat rules!

    The thing that makes me unique is that I hang out with all different types of people with different races.

    I played games like farcry 3, Saint rows3, gta 4, borderlands, WOW, LOL, Warcraft, Minecraft, MW3.

    Im currently living in Australia! And my real name is neither Pat nor Rick.
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