My cacti D:

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  1. Hi all,
    So i really like cacti.. wich is one of the reasons that i filled my res with cacti.
    But today i logged on and all my beloved cacti were gone.. D:
    they all just dissapeared, and there is no way that someone could have destroyed them cause the only one that has build rights hasnt been seen online for 36 days. and 2 days ago my cacti were still there.
    so if someone has a clue about how they dissapeared , please tell me.
    This is what it looks like at the moment =
  2. Nice res,
    and sorry to hear all of your cacti is gone :(
  3. Thanks :D
    i dicided to replace the cacti.
    but it is still a mystery how they dissapeared...
  4. They were kidnapped. Most likely by the infamous Cactusnapper, who has been spotted near the outskirts of town recently. XD jk I have actually no idea what happened. Ask a mod, check who has your build flag.
  5. It's either a bug, or a glitch. And sorry to hear about your cacti. :(
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  6. They grew legs and ran away...
  7. There are ways players can destroy cactus on other people's res without build. It might be blocked im not sure
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  8. I think this is the most logical solution
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  9. I have some extra cactus I don't need, you can have them to restart the farm ;)
  10. I think I know why. Blame Aikar.
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  11. Thanks :D but i dont need them. i have enough cactus to rebuild it.
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  12. Whenever you want more cactus, I should have plenty at my shop on smp1, 1758. Someone yesterday sold me out of a lot of stuff, so I'll need to restock a lot this week.
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  13. Agreed.