MW3 Release, First PC gamer to get a copy in the world!!!

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  1. Hi guys, thought I would share some pics with you.

    I live in New Zealand and we were the first place that MW3 got released, I was the second person in the line, but the guy in front of me got an Xbox version. First MW3 PC player baby!!!!!!!

    Number two baby!!! First to get it on PC in the world!!! 373813_10150447584950844_683020843_10506894_1460066741_n.jpg
    Just a bit excited XD
    My Schools leavers Jacket 378381_144062965693284_139630582803189_146099_795425042_n.jpg
    That guy with one of the other leavers Jackets "SMC" is cdboi! 383679_144063542359893_139630582803189_146108_1501905848_n.jpg
    Front of the line wooohoooo 393541_10150447582015844_683020843_10506866_1326837542_n.jpg
    Numero 2 Profile.jpg Collecting the game :DDDDD
  2. Soz for the photos being out of order XD
  3. Nice. But if you was going to get it for PC then why not just stay at home and download it off Steam? :)
  4. CBF wasteing that much broadband... and its more fun going to the release and trying to win epic prizes and getting free drink and pizza ! :D
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  5. Oh and you dont get a hard copy by buying it on steam...
  6. hate to burst your bubble but you will have to change that to first pc gamer to buy a hard copy
    as i'm sure there were people downloading it from steam as soon as it was released
    where as you were second in line there aren't any lines at steam

  7. Yea, but, all the people that got the hard copy would have it installed WAY WAY WAY before the people on steam finished their downloads.

  8. Not when you have 50mb/s Fibre Optic connection.

  9. Lol too much trolling, congrats MR2R2M, that is pretty sweet, do you like the game?
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  10. sorry i couldn't resist :p and gratz mr2r2m
  11. /troll

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  12. Yea I like the game, thanks Justin, I really like the gun on gun gameplay, and the fact that there are weapon proficiencies (there are other things too) helps get rid of campers, they make you want to get out there into the battle.


  13. Thanks :D