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Is my opinion necessary?

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  1. So this thread is here to gather a social movement to fight for some of the rights of people who aren't supporters. Yes, the empire needs money, but in some cases, the empire is also overdening the rights of non-supporters. The major field in this problem is the denial of crucial command rights. For example, the fact that normal members do not have access to the /note add command. Which is unusually unfair. Because, all this command really does is give members the ability to edit a note about a player. It's a very small command. So revoking this command from free players is unacceptable as it takes little effect on drawing in supporters. And therefore renders as pointless. Same thing with the do not disturb command. Revoking this command off of free members adds very little effect to drawing in supporters and the funding of the staff team. Other examples are soon to come. :D If you have any suggestions/questions/comments/concerns, please state them in the comments below. I would put this in the suggestion box, but I feel that I should discuss this personally with the community before and gain support before suggesting it to Aikar/Krysyy/whoever as your opinion in the poll will eventually go into establishing a non profit organization in-game. The hq adress is yet to be specified, as the department is still under construction; but the tag will be (/v +nscrc). Supporters themselves can also join as long as they stay on our side.

    ⭐️A final note to the staff and other players

    Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't have supporters in emc. I think it's important for our staff and admins to make some money off of all the hard work they put into running this amazing server. What I am saying is if this server wants to to try to bribe players into supporting emc, depriving people of parts of the amazing community that it trys to create and divide equally isn't the best way to go by it. But instead, bribe with the big but non perfect-community-crucial stuff such as discounts and cool promos and Aikar/Krysyy heads. Bribe with the fun things, not the crucial things.
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  2. Is this a serious thing? I really can't tell to be honest. I kind of hope it isn't.
    That doesn't really make that much sense. At all. You're contradicting yourself there. Is it a small command, or is it an important one? But I think you meant that it's a small command because you're saying that those commands aren't important to supportership. On the other side, if they're small, unimportant commands, why does it make that much of a difference for supporters to have them?

    And anyone can use the /dnd and /away commands, supporters just have the ability to set a custom message. That's not an overpowered feature for supporters at all.

    What makes me question if this is serious is the fact that you think you have right on EMC, that it's EMC's responsibility to make your life fair. Don't pull the "rights of people who aren't supporters" into this because those rights don't even exist. Oh, and making an in-game organization will do absolutely nothing. If you truly want to make a difference keep it on the forums.

    Giving promos, discounts, custom items, staff heads, and so on to supporters only is so much more unfair than a few "unimportant commands."
    BTW staff will read this thread.
  3. bring back /xp
  4. You want to give us all little perks and give supporters expensive and rare items? Now that's fairness!
    The system on EMC is as fair as it can get, and I honestly don't think you thought this through enough before posting.
  5. The OP HAS to be a joke though...
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  6. I say we should be aloud to do simple commands like /note add, but The staff are trying there best and are doing a GREAT job at their job. They make the server fun and safe and Aikar is making everything fair, because if you do support EMC you should get at least some stuff out of it and you do, Staff, Players, Aikar & Krysyy treat everyone fairly! EMC does not exlude people for not supporting the server! I say that this thread should be closed, I feel like itd going to cause some aguements between players, and thats not what we are here for! Not saying you cant speak out and have your own opinions, but this threadmight stir some aggressiveness! so i say keep this conversation to yourself and just message Krysyy or Staff if you have something to say, not come to the community for at least this!
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  7. that is because MC vanilla overrides with the /xp command(as /xp in vanilla gives you xp.

    1: pretty sure that /note add doesn't require supportership, as i have done it myself while non supporter...

    2: Staff don't get paid for being staff, they are just nice people from the community who have proven to understand the rules and have been chosen to enforce them. they ARE NORMAL players. Most of the money that EMC gets though supportership goes to server stuff like mantainance and that stuff.

    3. You can always get free supportership via references for other players(the monthly competition)

    The mayor thing that supporters have is global chat and extra reses(in my opinion). I have never spent real money in EMC,but i have been a supporter. (how? you can buy vouchers from players that sell 'em). so the supporter features aren't really out of reach.

    (will refine/maybe correct post after i eat lunch)
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  8. I seriously hope this is a joke.

    I don't exactly get what makes a thing such as afk messages are less fair than the 2/4 residences gold/diamond supporters get.
    If things such as these small commands are bothering you, you should consider becoming a supporter.

    EMC has a perfectly balanced supporter program which is in no way unfair to other players. It is fine as-is. Many other servers I have seen ruin the gameplay experience of other players and even the supporters themselves (for example /fly) and EMC doesn't fit in that category.
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  9. EMC is one of the few servers that got rid of the ''pay2win'' factor, you can get EVERYTHING available for completely free. Only ancient players got an edge but I guess it's normal, they got through the days emc was little and probably boring. Normally you need the rank to have some fun, but here you can grow to eventually, buy that rank and get those totaly pointless commands.

    Plus, it's the first time I heard the command /note add .
  10. Saying that /note add and the do not disturb message do not encourage players to support because they have little effect, then saying they are crucial do not compute for me.

    I've been an Iron and Diamond Supporter before. I have no complaints regarding how perks are handled.

    What does "overdening" mean?
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  11. Exactly, if it doesn't have much of a difference for supporters to have them, why can't they just let everyone have those commands if it doesn't have much of a difference? Revoking them from free members doesn't help. If they make them free to use for everyone, at least people will know why you are gone, and at least you can skip the stress of deleting player notes and writing them all over again.
  12. Because supporters are the reason that you are able to play on the server for free, so providing them with some basic perks (such as this one) that don't give any advantage at all isn't an issue. If you are desperate for a way to make notes without supporting, both Macro Mod and a notepad are able to provide this function for free.

    The alternative is to restrict free players' access to features such as the Wastelands or the economy system. I know which one I'd prefer - especially since we can't really block game content anymore anyway.
  13. XD
    i think the op was just really bored
  14. All of the commands mentioned seem like perks, really. You can still use /dnd and /afk without supporter, you just don't have the "perk" of putting in a custom message. The notes on certain players, again, seems like a perk. Another example would be the residence messages. Again, just an added bonus. You have access to plenty of commands as a regular member. Some servers make it next to impossible to use their servers without paying money. EMC isn't that way, it's just if you want the extra "perks" you need to earn them. But you can earn them with rupees, too, (even though that is a hefty expense!)
  15. its important to note that free players can set notes...

    All the supporter perk does is give you LONGER notes.
  16. If you think EMC is unfair just look at the supporter perks of just about any other server out there. EMC is about as fair as it gets.
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  17. I remember when supportership was pointless due to it only gave you more rupee login and a secure spot. Ahh those were the days.
  18. What is even the point of this thread, there has to be an incentive for players to buy ranks. If commands such as /note add are so crucial to you then buy supporter, it is as simple as that.
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