[MORE VOLUNTEER HELP] Emcon Party: More Help

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What kind of room would you prefer: Treetop, oak plank room, log cabin, sandstone, or other?

Treetop room (on jungle trees) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Oak Plank room in fields biome 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Spruce log cabin in snow/taiga biome 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Sandstone room in desert biome 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Other? If so, please comment below your choice. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi everyone!
    As you may know by my other post, "[VOLUNTEER HELP] Anti-Minecon Party", ninjabee2000, a few others, and I have been planning an awesome party (especially for those who can't make it to Minecon 2013) called Emcon! It will be in the wilderness of Smp1 on November 9th - 10th. Further info will be given in about a month and a half.

    This is going to be a huge party, and we'll need all the help we can get. I know a lot of awesome people on EMC are willing to forfeit some time to help a person out, and that's just what we need. Still looking for something to do? Here's some unclaimed things:

    Getting There:
    -leaders (or tour guides): help lead party-ers to the location we need people to be at
    - suppliers: carry items in inventory such as minecarts, food, armor, swords, etc. and give them to people who can't afford them

    Entering the Beecraft biome:
    -workers (at front desk): stand at the front desk, sell "tickets"/collect fee, sell rooms to people, answer questions
    -security guards: sort out any unpleasent outbursts... and such

    Mob Arena
    -staff: starts/stops mob arena, announces start/stop, gives prizes to winners, closes down mob arena when needed, hands out swords, announces winners

    - worker (gatekeeper): lets 20 people in to play a game at a time, gives out shovels, shuts down/restarts spleef
    -staff: announces start/stop of games, hands out prizes for winners
    -security: at exit, makes sure that people only exit; at entrance, makes sure people only come in when allowed

    Drop Party
    - host: drops items!

    Building Challenge
    - judges: chooses better build
    - announcer: announces game start/stop, who's playing, the rules, final score, winners, prizes, etc.; hands out prizes
    - timekeeper: keeps track of time spent, makes sure each game is 1 min., etc.
    - security: makes sure people only come in when they're supposed to in the correct entrances

    - host: reads questions, tells answer/if they got it right/wrong, announces game start/stop, announces winners, gives prizes, opens/closes game, explains rules
    - scorekeeper/timekeeper: keeps track of individual time/score of each player

    - host: lets people in, explains rules, hands out prizes to winners, announces winners/game start and stop

    "Hot Hoof" Game:
    - host: annnounces start/stop/winner, gives out prizes. lights wood on fire, gives out bets
    - security: guards stair entrance

    "Matching Sheep" Game:
    - host: announces start/stop, chooces 8 players to play, tells rules, announces winner, gives prizes to winners
    - security: guards arena entrance

    Dance Floor:
    - DJ: plays music, switches discs

    Pig/Horse Races:
    - host: announces start/stop, announces winner, gives winner(s) prizes, leads animals back to start, etc.
    - security: keeps animals in control when needed, etc.

    That's all for now for the hosting kind of stuff. Now this is for the builders:
    We need people to build the...
    - dance floor
    - spleef arena
    - Building challenge arena
    - Gameshow arena thingy
    - Maze/Parkour
    - Hot Hoof arena
    - Matching Sheep arena
    - few hotel rooms/buildings

    Please start a conversation or find me, ninjabee2000, or even ThePieNinja3000 on Smp1 if you are interested! Also, there is a poll I would recommend you to consider taking attached to this thread: Since Emcon is for two days, we need hotel rooms for people to stay in. What type of hotel room would you like?