More overground dungeons in the frontier

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  1. There should be one where as many people can go into an overground dungeon where each room has a number of mobs with bedrock floors as a fun little channel if you've been killing those mobs all day.

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  2. The idea seems fine, but what's with the attachment?
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  3. Dat attachment doe
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  4. he did it in his introduce thread too, wut?
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  5. Because I edited the main question and it adds a weird plot-twist. Screenshot 2014-02-02 at 5.25.02 PM.png
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  6. I...I'm not even sure how to reply to that lol
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  7. Who needs overground dungeon rooms when you've got Mobarena and Dragon Tombs on the way?!
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  8. 1. Welcome to the empire!
    2. This thread is in the wrong section. If you want to make a suggestion thread, post it in "The Suggestion Box" (
    3. I don't think this will be added, because it would require either adding these dungeons to the existing frontier (which is a problem because people have stuff built there) or changing the way new frontier chunks are generated (which would be way too much work for our coder and owner, Aikar). However, we are going to release the Dragon Tomb update in the near future, which is kind of like what you're suggesting. We just got an update in preparation for the dragon tombs:
    4. We do have special events in town. On smp5 we have the mob arena, and on smp4 (I think) we have the firefloor event. They're both scheduled weekly, but I'm not exactly sure what the schedule is. The winners get special prizes, but all the losers lose everything in their inventory (at least for the mob arena)
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  9. Maybe.
    I like the idea, but it would take a lot of coding.