More Of An Achievement...

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  1. Today Domrest and I decided to travel farther than anyone on the server has before, we traveled 20 KM (20,000) blocks north. If you're thinking, "oh, that's not much" go look on the map for smp2, and follow it till you reach this location. That's Location 20192,-383

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  2. Wooah. Thats far... Christ. How long did that take you?
  3. about 5 hours o.o
  4. course that was with stopping at night and getting food and resources
  5. Epic journey is epic
  6. I'm currently running in utopia, and reached cordinates with -3100 something. And I feel like i'm been running forever. 5 hours there, 5 hours back. just running. :confused:
    Turned out this will be a way longer tripp than i calculated..
  7. wow i was only able to head 8000 blocks west on utopia and i thought that took a long time lol
  8. Challenge Accepted...

    I'm not sure how I plan on getting back...
  9. going west ftw?
  10. I tried to get back through the nether... Made it 4000 blocks and died by a Ghast.
  11. Wow, darn you lol
  12. i just went there just to see it took forever used ALOT of food
  13. like 6 hours to get here lol
  14. To mine or to his?