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  1. So anybody ever had the wonderful experience of a moderator never messaging you back when you're trying to be civil about something?
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  2. They're rather busy so it can take some time with people always flooding them with messages, just be patient and they will try to get to you when they can.
  3. Please do not insult the Moderators. They work hard to make this fun, and they try to get back ASAP. You have to wait. If not responding in forum, contact them in game, and say what you need to say =)
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  4. I've had them not answer me about questions, but it's usually because they're either AFK or in the middle of something. If you haven't already, try sending them a PM on the forums.
  5. It's been 2 days. I've seen the moderator on multiple times.
  6. Mods have LIVES, unlike us.
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  7. Moderators are busy people, there are a few griefers in the 50,000+ members we have.
  8. if you have contacted a moderator, and have not received a timely response, include another moderator in whatever discussion you are having. They may have an answer to whatever question you may have, or know how to contact the other staff member quicker to call attention to what you were asking.
  9. Pardon me, but if I lose a life, I just respawn.
  10. *Gamer*

  11. Hmm, okay then. If you'd like, I'll spam your inbox with about 100 ban appeals and questions and see how long it takes you to answer them?
  12. They must be busy with something
  13. EMC has what, 20 mods? They have to take care of let's say 5,000 people, assuming all of them are involved in moderation in some way or another. The fact they ever respond is amazing.
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  14. It also depends on if what you want to tell them is very very important, like, if you want to ban appeal, make sure what you are saying is true and not "My brother did it!" -.-
  15. If you're messaging through the client, it can often be unreliable. Assuming the message gets through (which could fail if there's a glitch in the game or chat is somehow disabled), the player could beAFK briefly, or the message could scroll off the screen before they have time to read it.

    For that reason, it is always best to use PM on the website. This allows the person to respond at their leisure. (Usually in a couple days.) For matters which can be addressed by anyone, I find it's best to include 2-3 moderators. Not only does this give more chance for you to be helped, allow moderators to work together to solve your problem, but it also helps ensure that your response is not missed. If a moderator forgets they were messaged (which can happen with a lot going on) the other moderator may bring it up in conversation.
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  16. I find this to be the most reliable way of contact, aside from methods of actual direct contact which will get you an instant reply - however, if all participants are online at the same time that it's sent they occasionally end up working on it independently without realising, which causes a bit of confusion
  17. Yup, I've had them not answer me back. I don't get mad about it, I just add another mod in who might be able to help. I've talked to others who were bothered that Mods didn't reply back and they brought it up every few minutes until finally the mod did answer. Just give them time, even if it takes more than two days. They're HUMAN not machine. Well, IcecreamCow is a Cow
  18. I'm not sure about every mod, but I know that when someone tries appealing with my brother, he gives them his response and is firm with it. Repeatedly messaging someone about it just goes ignored. He made his point and since he's a moderator it deserves respect.

    I have no idea what moderator you messaged, or why you messaged them, but they will respond if it deserves a response.

    I do know however that if someone messages a mod and doesn't like their response, they may keep replying trying to persuade the mod to take action in their favor. If a moderator never replied to start, add a new one to the conversation. If the mod that you are messaging DID reply, re-read the conversation and if it seems like they made their final decision, you need to respect that.

    Our staff need to be firm with what they do. If they were completely lenient, they wouldn't be as good of a staff as they are now.

    I hope I helped, and if I didn't, well... sorry I guess.
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