Mods on SMP6?!?!

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  1. Ok, I just randomly type "/p malicaii12" today, noticed he was on smp6, I was like WHAT?! Twitch was 22hr ago, SMOOCH 19hr ago, what is going on? Seriously?
  2. Yea, that is kinda weird; I saw smp6 when I tried to port home - when I try to port home to my residence in smp5 on another server, it says that residence is in smp6. Might just be a typo somewhere?
  3. There definately isn't an smp6. I've checked.
  4. I'm not really all that surprised. It's good to be prepared, now that they have their new system, they can make it all ready to be switched on when it's needed.
  5. I have too, but getting evidence from Mali may be a good idea, if you don't believe me.
  6. Evidence?
  7. Just asking him if it exists.
  8. I have. Its doesn't. Its being worked on but doesn't yet exist. He hasn't been on it. And he typed that res and it didnt say anything about smp6.
  9. What the /pinfo command interprets as smp6, is actually smp5. The way the server assIgns the numbers means utopia is sorta counted as smp5, with smp5 being counted as smp6.
  10. tada no smp6 ^
  11. Yeah Shaun is correct, no smp6 yet. The thing is that smp5 is the first server on the new EMC platform (just a better setup that allows many more servers and support for future feature additions). Instead of bringing down all the other servers for a long upgrade I opted to slowly migrate parts to maximize uptime. Sorry about the confusion :)

    However smp6 may be close, they are going to be easy to add now with the new platform and we will be adding them based on need (and the funds to support it).
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  12. Well, it is my 25th birthday. Let me have my fun on "smp6" haha. :)
    Seriously though, smp6 is the cross-server addressing that you are witnessing, as Shaun and Justin pointed out. Nothing hokey pokey going on, yet. However, I do reach in from the shadows and swing my ban hammer with AOE on occasion. ;)
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  13. Feliz
  14. FAIL! LOL Feliz Compleanos Twitch! TEEHEE!
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  15. Gracias amigo. :) (Thanks friend) :)
  16. I know Twitch lol
  17. Was to keep in line with the Terms and Rules not you. :) I know you understand. ;)
  18. Oh