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  1. Me and my friend are going to start playing a LAN world and we want some mods but we cannot decide which mods to add if our life depends on it. what mods would you add to a single player game (LAN WORLD) that give it a little more of a want to play more often. it doesnt matter at this point if it is ML (modloader) or forge. we only have the basic mods like reis minimap and inventory tweaks but that isnt that interesting with just those two please help
  2. All mods work on LAN if all players have the mod installed. They won't work on multiplayer at all unless they have a bukkit plugin and the person has the client-version of the mod, and is playing on a server with the server-side mod installed.
    Anyways, you should definitely use Mo' Creatures, Biomes O'plenty, and Buildcraft.
  3. Use Feed The Best. I prefer the Mindcrack Build.
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