Mobs just stop spawning.

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  1. Has anyone had this issue in the last day? At my witch farm I get a bunch of mobs then nothing. Within 10 mins. I heard maybe 5. Nothing has changed on my end except the farm design but this was changed after I noticed this issue. There are next to no spawnable areas outside of the farm for a 64 block radius. It was working find the other day now just nothing. I have no clue why this is happening.
  2. happens to me at my wither farm. no clue why. If you log out, and wait a min for everything in the area to despawn and relog, it seems to fix it for me

    idk why it does this
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  3. Ya did that many times today. It's only been an issue since yesterday. Overnight I got 5 glowstone dust. That's absurd lol
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  4. Your lack of spawn rates aren't necessarily because of mob caps, it's due to how Bukkit, one of EMC's main server plug-ins, works, according to Panda4994 from Zipkrowd.
    Unfortunately, EMC's developers don't plan to use other plug-ins not based on CraftBukkit since updates for the original source has been discontinued months ago. Akair has been considering to use Spigot to update EMC to Minecraft 1.8 and then use Sponge when it's available.
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  5. I've been working on this area for almost 3 months without issue, then all of a sudden stops. Gotta be a reason for that. I've never hit the mob cap limit. The farm is a simple shifting floor. The spawn and right away fall. It wasn't the most efficient as I used a 1.8.1 design but I still got something. I really hope 3 months of work is all for nothing now.
  6. i thought he wasnt on the Sponge team anymore :confused: wat
  7. Akair had recently announced his updated priorities, regarding EMC.

    1. Full Support for Name Changes
    2. Update EMC to Minecraft 1.8
    3. Games Server
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  8. if the server starts monitoring you for being afk, if tricks itself sometimes
  9. My gold farm is still fine. It's just this one place. Just stopped working.
  10. Just an update... The issue might have been villagers from iron farm + animals around the area. Took me 10 mins to kill all the animals near the 64 radius. Still though when I type /entc it still says 40 animals somewhere. But there's no where for them to spawn. I have lit up or dug out everything within a 64 block radius of the centre point.
  11. Isn't it 128 blocks radius?
  12. Sorry meant 64 blocks in all directions from centre point. We also discovered another issue. Part of the hut was in a river biome so it was spawning everything. We replaced those 9 blocks with glass (x 2 floors) and now it only spawns witches. Still no clue where these animals are.....