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  1. I think there should be a EMC mobile app. I think of this because i am not home all the time and currently am in the middle of important conversations that i need to know about. I think it will be helpful to a handful of people and will for a fact make me happy.
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  2. There is an app called minechat which allows you to talk on a server but not play. Good idea but it already exists.
  3. But thats not what im talking about thats just to get on servers to talk with people online. I'm talking about an actual EMC mobile app where you can access you profile and stuff like that.
  4. Use the Google Chrome or Safari app?
  5. Thats makes sense.
  6. Well, you just would go online. If you would get an app it would be a device that could connect to the web. I know what you are talking about and it is a good idea but it would be expensive and you can always just use the website. The only people who really do this are larger corporations who have them just as a luxury and don't cost them a penny. I know Aikar is great with coding but it would still take time and money which would be better used elsewhere.
  7. I understand that know that you have clarified about the expenses and the coding. But maybe it'll happen one day, just maybe.
  8. Already suggested.
  9. Aikar has said if there was to be an EMC app it would be a community project and Aikar cannot support paying for an App. I am an App reseller. I own my own company and make apps for companies through another company (yes, I have to pay that other company quite a bit to use there service). It would cost at minimum 500$ to devolve and 70-75$ a month for it. 500$ is actually really cheap, I usually charge my clients 800-1000$ to develop an app. So, it would be impossible to make an app that you can get in the app store without a large amount of funding.
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  10. I am an intern at brick simple mobile app development currently learning how to make iOS and android apps, mabye I may be able to do it when I figure out how to code better, and if I fell comfortable to do it.
  11. Mmmhhmmm and where do you plan to get the money to host the app on the server eh?
  12. I thought developing for android was free unless you posted it on the market. I have a friend who is making a math app and he can send it to me and I can download and run it for free.
    Why do you need a server for the app. Couldn't it just download the website html files and sort through it to make it work better on a mobile device? I am fairly new to programming so I may be completely wrong but it seems like it could be done for free.
  13. i never said anything about hosting, i do not have the money for that,

    and this is just a thought, i am still learning how to program, if i fell i am good enough at the end of my internship ill do it
  14. exactly
  15. The way selling IOS apps works - is you develop it, then when you go to send it through the iStore ... apple will take normally 15% of your totally profits - to host it through them....

    Similarly with Android and Amazon.

    App software for apple, on dad's computer - he paid upwards of $3,000 usd for each of them....

    Web and Phone app software on mine - I paid around $800 usd for them...

    It's just a one time fee... I do like making my own programs, apps, websites, even made a few short games before... but initially making money off of them was never my intentions - it's what I do for fun.

    Only time it would actually require money to pay - is if it requires a server to host them... most apps can be self sustainable, if not just use a database (which is free)... or a website to post them on... but there are plenty of free websites, that's not a money problem either.

    ps) i'm not making an emc profile app - but I am working on a few minecraft apps ... hint hint ;)
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  16. You can side load the apps,
  17. Yes, you can make a web based app, but it would be so laggy from the mass size of the forums it won't work as we'll as the site on your phone.

    If you wanna make a web based app, go ahead, but the people who say they don't use the site on the phone and an app would make it less laggy, the web based one wont
  18. I'm on the site on my phone and it works fine
  19. I know, just some people have problems. And if they have problems, a web based app will not help
  20. I said I might do this

    But now Prob not since it won't help