Mob spawner with dispensers!

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  1. I made a normal mob spawner with dispensers on both ends of it. I put some redstone stuff around it to make the dispensers release water when enough mobs have spawned, and when done the dispensers will suck in the water :) pictures right here. This is 1.3.1 I'm playing.
  2. Is this on emc?
  3. no single player 1.3.1
  4. Alright good, I saw the coords and I was like ugh oh!
  5. Yeah i could have greifers looking all over for it lol they would never find it.
  6. Hm, nice! I'm thinking of doing this for a gold farm. Zombie pigmen spawn rarely around nether portals so I was think about putting 50 in one area, then flushing them to a kill zone.
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  7. with 1.3.1 there will be alot of experimenting with things like this