Missing Cats!

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  1. I keep losing my cats! I spawn them, tame them, life is great! They are happy and fed and breeding just fine, so I leave for a little while to go mine or whatever and when I return my cats are missing! Why is this and can the Enderman steal them, I hear him sneaking around my cat area from time to time. How do I keep my cats from disappearing?
  2. If they aren't tamed tame them. Make sure they are in an enclosed and lit up space too.
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  3. Yeah they are, all tamed, fed and happy in their very own well lit room, not sure why they keep turning up MIA though :/
  4. Yeah, since 1.3.1, they do not remain sitting indefinitely, after a while, they do wander off.
    Like real cats it seems.
  5. That's terrible. :O I cant seem too keep the darn things for more then a day. So I find myself doing a lot of cat hunting in order to lower the creeper ratio. Aw well more hunting and fishing so it seems :/
  6. :( poor kitties
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  7. I've had this happen to me in single player, also, wolves can't teleport in water... I've lost a LOT of wolves to oceans, so cats may have that problem as well. Occasionally, they will despawn too. I had 15 wolves once, and came back to my base, to find I only had 6. :(
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  8. lock them up in a room or something and see if it still happens

    also, what's your ent count? maybe it's possible they are despawning
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  9. That is possible too, that entc might be removing them for natural spawned animals, but I don't know for sure. I've sent this link to Aikar, so he'll be able to look over it soon, and give us an answer. :)
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  10. auto disable isnt turned on yet..

    if animals leave the res they are suppose to be teleported back then forced to sit...

    is this in the wild? it sounds like it.

    I'm betting they fall under the monster category therefor are getting despawned when you go out of range :/

    I'll look into that idea.
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  11. I understand your disheartment :(
  12. Thank you I appreciate that, yes I am in the wild when this is happening. My wolves stay seated and are always there upon my return, as are sheep, cows, pigs, etc. it is only my cats that come up missing. Thank you for looking into this. :D
  13. Just so you know, this ALSO happens on single player.. But I think Entc kind of changes some vanilla aspects of mobs spawning/despawning ect, right? So maybe your Entc might be what we need to fix the despawn, but isn't configured to do that yet. :D
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  14. Thank you for your help :)
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  16. Not a prob. Happy to help. :D

    It's something to do with vanilla, lol. But like I said, Entc might be what fixes that since you changed up how things spawn/despawn.
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  17. why are you leaving your cats stranded in the wild when you leave anyway? that's no way to treat a cat!
  18. lol I live in the wild I have a HUGE house, farm, garden and mine in the middle of nowhere with 2 other players, its a community in the wild basically :p
    And I leave my cats locked in my house when I leave to go hunting, mining, etc, but they vanish while I am away.
  19. How do I check my ENTC?