Misc Updates - 4/16/14

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  1. So, for positive things that changed with the 1.7.8 update (since it brought many frustrations...)

    • Supporters with long names now has 100% properly colored names. No truncation, full name with color
    • Staff now have their rank displayed beside their name!
    • Fixed bug where players in a group that was not near the leader would have their EXP drops nerfed. Now it will share among group members near each other, and does not care about position to the leader.
    • Broadcasts relating to voting will no longer show if you have voted within the past 18 hours
  2. One thing i noticed after the update, is that I know you mentioned the thing about the horses, however when I get on a horse that I am not the owner of, but have permissions for, it gives the error "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command".
  3. I saw you trigger the error, it was when you used /horse.

    I'll hopefully have those remaining issues resolved tommorow.
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  4. Question!
    Contributor people, do they stay the same?
    And this makes it easier for new people to find staff members :D

    Oh and thank you!

    Also: 1.7.9?
  5. I'd imagine it has no impact in-game for us, as it's only a forum title (just as the orange isn't shown in-game for us) :)
  6. 1.7.9 client works - I'm not sure if they changed anything on the server, but it wasnt out yet.

    It was mainly to undo skin changes on the client.
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  7. As for titles for non staff groups, due to the overlapping issue in TAB List, I did not want to give it to everyone at this time as it would make the problem worse.
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  8. just_five_fun said that a Mob Arena change was in the works and would get pushed out with the 1.7.8/.9 update. Did it happen?
  9. No problem, hope I did not cause any issue. Yes, that's exactly what happened.
    I will post if I see anything else!
    Thanks Aikar!
  10. The [Moderator] Is hanging out the box and into the next one for some staff D:
  11. ^ Agreed It's also with Senior Moderator not too sure about Admin though
  12. Aikar is aware, it's an issue for all staff :)