Mineral Rupee Index

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  1. If you're like me, then you have trouble pegging down how much a rupee is worth, and even more trouble finding out how much common items are worth. I'm going to make a rupee index based off of up to date mall pricing, auction pricing, and your input.
    I'll publish my formula once I have enough data to understand how values move in relation to each other, and I'll update this thread with new graphs so long as I care to.

    Here are the items that I am using:
    -Stone (Generally isn't farmed. but does take some work to acquire)
    -Iron (Farmable, Minable)
    -Gold (Farms, Mines)
    -Diamonds (Farms, Misc. sources from EMC)

    You can help me out by out this form every now and then:
    Please take it seriously, and be honest about the values.
    Also I am doing seller-side values. If you mostly buy, go ahead and fill it out, but pretend you are selling the items.

    This is mostly meant to be a rupee inflation barometer. I was shocked to find out diamonds were selling at over 100r. When I first started, the prices they sold at was ~42r.

    I'll show my data and work when I have enough data. This is kind of a continuous price check on a select few items, but did not want to post it there because it is meant to discuss the value of the rupee more than just one item at one point in time.

    Thanks for your help!
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  2. :) I like it! I have filled out the form
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