Minecraft Snapshot 12w17a released. - Editable books. :)

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  1. Minecraft Snapshot 12w17a

    by Jens Bergensten on April 26, 2012

    Here’s the development snapshot of week 17, 2012! This week’s list of changes:
    • Added editable books
    • Wooden half slabs in four colors (and they act as wood instead of stone)
    • Bug fixing and tweaks, notably about entity collisions, “picking blocks” (creative mode), and chat
    • Some other, censored stuff
    Get the snapshot here:
    If you havent downloaded Minecraft you can grab it here: www.minecraft.net/download
    // The Minecraft Team
    - Mojang

    Snapshot 12w17a is Ready to Test!

    Today, 02:38 PM Posted By Sacheverell 180 Comments

    This week's snapshot is ready for testing, and while the feature list is short, we think it's a very exciting one:

    • Added editable books
    • Wooden half slabs in four colors (and they act as wood instead of stone)
    • Bug fixing and tweaks, notably about entity collisions, “picking blocks” (creative mode), and chat
    • Some other, censored stuff
    - Minecraft Forum

    Official changelog is somewhat non-descriptive (One of the items is "Censored") You can find the official change log here.
    • Editable books - Book and Quill, crafted using a Book, Feather, and Ink Sac.
    • Wooden slabs for each of the four shades of wood added and no longer act as stone.
    • Leather is now required to craft Books.
    • Silk touch can now retrieve Ice blocks and Glass Panes.
    • Ice no longer spawns water in the Nether
    • Menu> Chat Options added
      • Added chat opacity, letting the chat be semi-transparent.
      • Added chat disabling, removing the chat for SMP servers.
      • Added chat colours option.
    • /help added.
    • Tools now have infinite durability in creative mode.
    • Minecart and boats are destroyed in one hit in Creative mode.
    • Books have a new recipe.
    • Various Bugfixes, some regarding entity collision, the pick block function, and chat.
    Notable bugs (Complete bug list):
    • All Wooden Slabs appear as the Oak slab when placed upside down. This is purely visual.
    • The Sound and the Music volume aren't displayed correctly.
    • Server Commands now appear in italics in SMP.
    - Minecraft Wiki
  2. I wonder what effect this will have on Recipe Book SMP trick.... :confused:
  3. Also its been said that old half slabs will continue to not burn whilst new half slabs will and that the book UI will change because its confusing people. Also also its been mentioned the book recipe has changed - tho Im not quite sure what that means yet.

    Im so looking forward to having to moderate books... ;)
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  4. Same here. :rolleyes:
    I actually am. You can't sign it with a fake name. :D
  5. Lol good luck mods on the book moderating !! This will be a interesting addon for MC
  6. I can't wait adventure maps will be even more adventurey now! :)
    what does it mean by censored stuff? :confused:
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  7. Means something changed but they dont want to tell us yet. They've done that alot with the past few snapshots.

    They are leaving it to be a big surprise.
  8. that was exactly what i was thinking... no more reading notes off screen ^.^
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  9. Wood slabs now the colour of the wood they're made from?

    *Starts turning his entire store of coloured wood into slabs before it's too late*

    Also, editable reading thingies? Fantastic. That's going to be a lot of fun actually. Gives massive scope for some interesting RP style gaming to happen in the form of treasure hunts, etc.

    Ice no longer creates water in the Nether? Must go flood before it's too late!
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  10. OMG I am looking forward to this
    I intend to start a Creeper Mart book store.......y'all get ready to start writing books..........:D
    Now if only I knew what the censored stuff was.........
  11. Yeah and we can keep things like spawner info in the books and not lose them ( I don't now about you guys but I lose non MC items a lot ) lol
  12. Probably half the books written on EMC by the time the Moderators are done dealing with the crap that'll appear. :D
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  13. For all of you asking books are the same EXCEPT that you have to put leather next to the middle piece of paper now
  14. Do you know when the new items will be added to /shop?
  15. its not even released yet.
  16. Yeah lol MODS you guys are gonna get to have fun moderating books .....BUT as a future book store owner I need to do my part in helping weed out vulgar and profane books :)
  17. Do we know when? Cause I don't lol
  18. when it is released
  19. For now in the mc snapshot place 3 prices of paper and 1 leather anywere to craft a book same with the book and quill except I want to learn the realse date of the update or even if there's more but that's all I know of for now and some glitches with the wood
  20. but people will just steal the books, and means writing the book a million times over for people to buy before the adventure first. just more work than is worth it at current, if the books could be copied somehow then it would be viable, until then notes it is.