Minecraft PC/Win10/Xbox/PE with EMC

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  1. I was thinking in the shower (where most daily productive thinking happens) about Minecraft versions. I own the classic PC version, which all of you play with obviously, the Pocket edition for smartphone and the Win10 edition which is pretty much PE equivalent too.

    Have you guys heard anything else about Mojang wanting to bring all editions of minecraft current and compatible to each other? I know they are already working hard to get PE, Xbox and Win10 versions equal and compatible for multiplayer.

    I was thrilled about it until I figured EMC would forever be unavailable for those versions. Imagine how cool it would be to meet on EMC from your phone (and how detrimental to your work!) I end up never starting my Windows10 version at all since classic MC is so much more advance and fun and moddable and EMC-able.. Same for my smartphone. If I had my EMC world accessible on it, I would probably ignore the very poor controls and still enjoy it. It is a weird and sad reality that Minecraft editions can't be totally cross platform and cross compatible at this point.

    There you go, I shared my opinion.

    Now, let us hold hands and pray to Mighty Mojang _Jeb_ that he might find the ultimate solution to bring all nations of Minecrafters together might it be the nomads, the Xboxers or the Keyboard and Mouse combo-ers.

    ...maybe in Minecraft 2.0... Who knows...
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  2. I read a few stories about that, yes, and from my understanding the addition of beetroot into the PC version was a part of that process.

    But as you said yourself some versions will always be separated. For example: the PS3 ('psn') and Xbox networks are fully separated from each other and the regular multiplayer options you have in PC games. So there's little chance that those would ever somehow get connected. But... you never know of course, from a technical point of view it shouldn't be completely impossible.

    True, but please keep in mind that this isn't so much caused by Minecraft, but the platform it runs on. Like the way Sony's playstation network isn't connected to the Microsoft Xbox network. And I don't see that changing anytime soon, also because both environments heavily compete against one other.

    Rumor has it that 2.0 will become a whole lost more hostile... :D

    This one is even worse, had the Youtuber ragequit I think:

    This material was released around April by the way, which obviously makes it all the more credible ;)
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  3. I read about how they want to get the game away from java and into only C++ and to have 1 universal version on the different platforms. When that is, is unknown. And whenever they do (if they do) go C++ only.. from the wiki:
    So not sure if everything on EMC can convert over to C++ if they end up going that route.
  4. As i see it, for now, Windows 10 Edition is just another way to push Windows 10.
    Anything that can make Windows 7 obsolete ASAP.
    It seems this means a lot to MS. Really a lot.
    So much, that they are fine with scarifying billion working hours.
    Well, not of their own employees ... it's only the (l)user's.

    PS: If developed from scratch in C++, it will be a new game, I don't think the managers would see any good enough reason to keep the game as it is. If in C++, then most probably Windows-only. In that case, who knows if and when there would be server / plugins / mods development possible on a scale and diversity as it is now.