Minecraft Errors - EMC or Mojang? | 13/11/12

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  1. Has anyone else been getting these errors? If yes, what are they, who are they from? Any fixes?

    1) Capture.PNG
    Failed to login: error
  2. The bad packet ID is neither EMC or Minecraft. It is an issue with Bukkit, somehow corrupting the player.dat files. Currently, there is not a definite fix for it. The best way to combatant this is occasional server restarts, which we do. There are hopes that the full problem will be solved with 1.4.4 along with many other bug fixes. If you are getting the bad packet ID errors instead of actually being able to login, it is advised that you do not try to login in again until the server has restarted, you can usually log into another one. The reason being, if you log in and get that error, you kick everyone else off the server and they receive the same error.

    The 'Failed to login: Error' problem, I get this as well, its usually fixed with a refresh or waiting a minute or two. If you are having the bad packet ID problem repeatedly, this could actually just be continued communication issues between the server and your client after it has 'kicked' it.

    Aikar has touched on this to quite an extent here.
  3. I say this, and you were one of the first people to post when Aikar made the thread.
  4. Smp1 is havin the string error again
    More than 5 players cant come in!
  5. I'm having string error thing too. Sorry i started a new topic without reading this one.
  6. Yes its goin g crazy today in the morning it was 6087 > 64 Now its belpw zer0
  7. I really dont understand it, all i know that it's like 6369 > 20 or somethin
  8. That's caused by someone with a corrupted player file (Caused by using a map in an item frame)
  9. its actually not a player file. its the location itself (those players are logged in that location) has triggered the criteria to corrupt the network stream.

    i've regretablly re-enabled auto reboots :(

    Also, since when did we get a 13th month? :p It's dashes for DD-MM-YY and slashes for MM/DD/YY
  10. Incorrect - That's how you lot in america do it - Everywhere else in the world it's DD/MM/YYYY - and as alex is Australian? I believe he's correct.
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  11. heh i've always seen little endian format represented with dashes and american format as /

    well except for mysql which uses dash with middle endian style ><

    I wish we could all just stabalize on the same styles world wide :(
  12. Same here - Everyone should be using metric and dd/mm/yyyy as both of those actually make sense.
  13. Agreed. The one thing i hate about living in the US is that we just HAD to be different when it came to measurements -_-
  14. In Japan they do the date the American way.
  15. thats because we opened them up to the western world
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  16. Yeah haha, I forgot about it and didn't really track it - thanks though :)
  17. In my country if you write it in Spanish goes Day/Month/Year but if you write in English its M/D/Y.