Minecraft Animal Logic

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  1. I was thinking about Minecraft logic the other day... I came to the point to thinking about cows. Since all cows are female in real life, why do they breed in Minecraft? Chickens too? What's your opinion on this?
  2. Simplicity. That is the answer...They could have added bulls and roosters, but it would have been more complicated...
  3. I could be wrong because I don't have much knowledge on this subject but you could consider animals in minecraft (such as cows, chickens, ect) reproduce asexually. :p Like fission or budding. :p

    It could be like the logic of Jurassic Park where they are all female but because they want/need to breed they genetically change their sex. (in the movie the scientists use genes and such from frogs so the dinosaurs are part frog, a special frog species that can change its sex apparently)
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  4. Are you sure about that.
  5. Are you referring to IcecreamCow? :p
  6. It's Minecraft, a game where dragons, mushroom cows, mushroom biomes, squidward villagers, portals to different dimensions, and dungeons exist. I doubt its supposed to be very realistic :p.
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  7. No.
    Why else would they give you milk?
    I know, was just bored and wanted something to think about. :p
  8. Sometimes, to release pent up anger, I hit sheep. Then I pull out wheat and give it to them and apologize. Then I beat them again.
  9. Let me explain something to you. A DAIRY cow is female, and BEEF cow is male, but they are both classified as cattle.
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  10. I go grind when I'm angry, you get to laugh at the helpless skeletons as they die.
  11. With skeleton grinders, it's fun to walk up close when there's like 20-30, then jump back, and watch as all of them shoot the wall/each other. Insta-fun.
  12. Not ALL cows are females in real life, but the ones Minecraft cows are based off of are. Notch made all the animals and Characters in Minecraft completely genderless, though.
  13. I thought male "cows" were bulls. :p I guess you learn something new everyday.
  14. Cows are both, just a different name than cattle. They have to breed, don't they.
  15. Legit cows are legit, except when Ant kills 'em! Now who would win? Antvenom or IcecreamCow?
  16. IceCreamcows = ban Ant
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  17. Lol. Wonder what would happen if Ant joined the Empire?
  18. Let me explain ANOTHER thing. ONE DAY, IN THE HAPPY SERVER OF EMC, Mrlegitislegit is out in the wild, plowing the field. He then sees Antvenom joined. He says hi to him, next thing he knows, EMC has been flooded with hundreds of fans. Legit logs off, and thinks of a creative way to get banned.
  19. If he saw a cow more powerful than him he would be like.
  20. If you google it or want to get technical, There is no such thing as a male cow. All cows are female. A bull or a steer is what a cow mates with.

    I grew up in the south, learned this since we have farms everywhere.

    Unless you're IcecreamCow and you're just confused.
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