Minecraft and Mavericks

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  1. I have downloaded OS X mavericks (10.9) but i cannot open magic launcher or normal minecraft. Does anyone have a fix for this?
  2. Get a new computer. I downloaded mavericks and minecraft is fine.
  3. I fixed it now.
  4. Had to re download and install java?
  5. Just downloaded java again
  6. Sadly Java being the strange thing it is, doesn't work well. And so Apple make their own version that actually works well. This Java version usually comes packaged with OS X. But it appears that they forgot to put it into Mavericks...

    Not helpful. even if someone has a Mac, doesn't mean they have endless streams of money..
  7. I am actually getting a new mac tomorrow due to new stream of money amazingly O.O.
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  8. I am too, well, not tomorrow, but soon because my current mac i dont think has a battery...
  9. My mac also has battery issues. Getting the new retina :D.
  10. *avoids macs for obvious gaming and performance related reasons*
  11. Buggar off! We never asked you!
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  12. XD i do agree that mac is the best for certain business uses and all video editing/graphical design. but i love the heavy diversity that is pc
  13. True. PC is better for gaming and performance mainly due to its customizability, and universal format IMO. But Macs are really useful for schoolwork and other such.
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  14. Agreed. Mac is always better but at a price. Macs can come with 128 GB memory one model but can go up to 16k. A decent mac will set you back 3k but it is worth it if you have money coming out of your ears. I have windows installed on it for gaming so I get the best of both worlds.