MineCraft 2???

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by AlexHallon, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. I doubt it - Minecraft 1 hasn't run its course yet! :D
  2. I would hope so... :p
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  3. I hope not. If he is, I shall facpalm so hard.
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  4. R8GE! I actually facepalmed my eye. Now its bleeding... again.
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  6. I think that it might work together like MC 1 + 2 dunno hope it does whats it gonna add? MC just updates
  7. It'll probably jsut be a continuation of Minecraft, but more polished.
  8. If they're doing mine craft 2 then mojang became greedy.

    It will be pretty sad. They obtained millions of dollars just by selling mine craft alone. What else can they ask for?

    Hopefully there will be no mc2 but mine craft I hope to continue updates.
  9. This prolly just a joke. Notch loves trolling on tweeter remember april 1st He tweeted about "he's tired all these servers having Safe areas "town res" to build on and that's not what he made MC for"
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  10. I have contacts <.<
  11. How reliable have said "contacts" been in the past?
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  12. If he isn''t joking, I get to persuade my dad to buy MC2... -_-
  13. TrollFace.gif <---- Notch + Mojang
  14. Minecraft 2: Revenge of the Glitchimals
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