Minecraft 1.7 on 25th!

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  1. The 1.7 pre relese was released not long ago, and the 1.7 update has beed confirmed to be the 25th of October 2013. This could ruin dragon tombs And push the update further back. ):

    What's comming in 1.7?

    New biomes.

    - Mesa Biome
    - Mega Taiga Biome
    - Savannah
    - Roofed forest
    - Iced spikes
    - Deep ocean
    - Flower forest
    - Birch forest
    - Sunflower plains

    New Wood, trees and saplings

    - Acacia Wood Planks
    - Dark Oak Wood Planks
    - Acacia and Dark Oak Wood Slabs
    - Acacia and Dark Oak Wood Stairs
    - Acacia And roofed oak saplings

    New blocks

    - Red sand
    - Stained Glass
    - Podzol
    - Grassless dirt

    New flowers

    - Red, Orange, White and Pink Tulips.
    - Blue Orchid
    - Allium
    - Azure Bluet
    - Oxeye Daisy
    - Poppy

    Two blocks tall flowers

    - Sunflowers
    - Peonies
    - Rose bush
    - Lilac

    New World Type

    - Amplified

    Biome Changes

    - Oceans are smaller
    - Jungles Now Spawn Melons
    - Swampland's grass is greener
    Modified the temperature system
    - Gravel beaches are more common
    - Extreme hills generate snow above Y = 95

    - Biomes will avoid being Placed next to biomes to different from itself


    - New Fish, Puffer fish, salmon and Clownfish
    - Fishing rods can be enchanted, Luck of the sea (more of a chance to get a treasure item)
    And Lure (Increases the chance to catch fish).

    •Treasure: 7 items total, including enchanted fishing rods, enchanted bow, enchanted books, name tags, tripwire hook, lilypads, and saddles.
    •Junk: 11 items total, including damaged fishing rods, water bottles, rotten flesh, string, leather, bowls, sticks, boots or damaged boots.

    There are Many more features

  2. Stained glass is better then the dragon tombs any day IMO...
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