Minecraft 1.2 Trailer by TeamMojang

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  1. This video is awesome! :) I really enjoyed it.

  3. Is that cave a natural generated structure?
  4. That was awesome! I wonder if we can make or spawn these iron things in town.
  5. Yes we can just check my post
  6. The cave was built... They offer a download of the exact map if you wish to have the save in your 1.2 world...
  7. God, is that awesome or what? :D
  8. Lol the video wasn't made by Mojang, it was made by HaatFilms. It is only supported by Mojang :)
  9. Epic how at 0:01 they failed hard :p bed's are upside down (the pillow it's at their foot)
    It's nice vid tho :)

  10. Yet, there it is exactly as I titled it.
  11. It's Haat Films a branch of Mojang :O *This is such a waste of money from them if this is true, they should hire the best cast of videos. I won't even say their name.*
  12. I think HaatFilms has a section called TeamMojang, but I don't know for sure and I don't care to find out... I gave the title of the video as the thread...
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